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Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South Store 紀伊国屋書店 Bookstores / Yoyogi

6 Reviews

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Categories Bookstores
Nearest Station Yoyogi
Address Takashimaya Times Square Bldg. Annex, 5-24-2 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5361-3301
Home Page (Available in English)

7 Reviews for Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South Store


  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South Store
  • (2014-06-15)
  • Their English book section is small and the prices are expensive. But the store is clean and nice! The clerk at the desk was willing to help me make a Kinokuniya book card (free membership card.) They were so kind! They helped me use points, when I went there second time and I saved about 100 yen!

  • Kinokuniya
  • (2009-05-04)
  • This was heaven. I walked into the English section and was immediately entertained. This store has manga in English (although sadly, the prices are as they are in the U.S.--around $12/book). What I was immediately drawn to was the cooking section--they have wonderful Japanese cooking books. I bought one that had clear directions, in both Japanese and English, and had glossy photos on every page. I... Read More

  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South Store
  • (2008-12-11)
  • Of the two Kinokuniya's in Shinjuku, I prefer this one. There is a lot more space to browse and the English selection is larger. The staff working on the English floor have very good English and was very helpful when I couldn't find a copy of a book I was looking. Unfortunately, it was sold out, but she offered to order a copy for me.

  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South Store
  • (2008-12-08)
  • It's a very big bookstore, it's very popular. You have always a lot of people in elevators so maybe you should think to take the stairs... Even if the foreign books floor is at the 7th ! You can find a good selection of foreign books here. I was a bit disappointed for the French one. There's not so much ! I can assume that it's the same for German and Spanish one. I had the impression that you ... Read More

  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South Store
  • (2007-12-09)
  • I feel that the rating for the south branch needs to be raised, so here I go. The store is perhaps a little less interesting than the main branch. I had heard that this store feels slightly more like a western style book store than the main store. I had that feeling. I was looking for a book published by Kodansha International- I thought I would be able to find it wherever new English language ... Read More

  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Shinjuku South Store
  • (2007-09-30)
  • From the entrance and throughout the ground floor, Kinokuni-ya doesn't look like a large book store, but once you go up to the second floor, then you can see how big it is. This bookstore is 9 stories tall and each floor contains a different genre. They have very polite girls working the elevators to each floor so you don’t have the rigor of pushing the button for the floor you want. While most ... Read More

Other reviews of the same chain

  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Main Store
  • (2008-12-11)
  • There are two Kinokuniya's located in Shinjuku and this location is definitely the one you want to avoid. Everything inside is very well organized and the staff are very helpful, but getting to the floor you want is quite the hassle. If you do decide to take the elevator, be prepared to wait a few minutes before squishing into a small elevator with an elevator girl, although helpful, takes up sp... Read More

  • Kinokuniya Book Store: Main Store
  • (2007-06-12)
  • Kinokuniya needs little introduction. It's rightfully famous for having an extensive selection of foreign language books. The Shinjiku branch is a good place to spend a few hours browsing. On the bright side, it's conspicuously huge. You'll find foreign books on the seventh floor. If you're looking for the staples of Western literature, philosophy, or political science, you're sure to find them at... Read More
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