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Manboo: Shibuya マンボー Manga/Internet Cafes / Shibuya

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  • Manboo: Shibuya
  • (2007-06-21)
  • Manga cafes, also called Internet cafes, are extremely convenient and useful places. Sometimes you find yourself with an odd pocket of time, and manga cafe offer a good way to fill it. Once I get inside the cafe, I'm always glad that I went, but they always seem sketchy from the outside. Manboo manga cafe in Shibuya is a really nice one, and offers several different ways to parcel out your time. As you might expect, they offer Internet access and Manga, but they also have showers, which impressed me. The rooms themselves are incredibly cozy. The one that I chilled out in had a comfortable recliner, a TV, computer, foot rest, and even a salt crystal lamp. It's truly designed for you to kick back and relax. Go on, you deserve it. The interior is fairly space aged, and it's kind of dimply lit. However, it gives the impression of being a safe, well maintained place. You get a free ice cream when you go in, and you can help yourself to drinks.
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