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  • Media Cafe Popeye: Shibuya
  • (2019-04-04)
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  • Media Cafe Popeye: Shibuya
  • (2007-06-11)
  • This is one of the nicer manga cafes in Japan. Media Cafe Popeye was quite clean and had a very modern look to it. They have a wide selection of manga and offer the use of their computers at very good rates. Depending on when you go and what kind of booth you get (private cubicle or public console) you will pay around 300 yen for an hour. This manga cafe is a great place to take a break and just relax by surfing the internet, watching TV, playing a video game, or reading a manga. They offer free drinks while you are there but you must get it yourself and they also have a shower for those that are there for extended periods of time. This biggest downside was the lack of English. The front desk spoke a little, but all the manga are in Japanese as well as the computers rules. It is simple enough to figure out but some English would have been nice. You will want to come here if you are really into manga or just in need of a rest.
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