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Book off: Nishi Gotanda ブックオフ Used Books / Gotanda

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Categories Used Books
Nearest Station Osaki-hirokoji
Address 2-29-5 Nishi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku , Tokyo

1 Review for Book off: Nishi Gotanda

  • Book off: Nishi Gotanda
  • (2009-04-22)
  • Book off lives up to its name in being a great place to find books. They cary both new and old, although their new selection isn't as extensive as some other places. You can also sell them used books or dvds. They had a large 100 yen sale when I was there. I got two manga comics and an English to Japanese dictionary all for 300 yen. They also had dvds, but even the used ones were extremely expensi... Read More
  • Volks
  • Family Restaurant
  • ( Gotanda )
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