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Mount Takao 高尾山 Parks & Nature / Hachioji

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Mount Takao is only an hour away from Shinjuku by train. At 599m (1965feet) high, even beginners can enjoy an easy day of light trekking. The hike to the top takes approximately an hour and a half. Mount Takao is particularly beautiful in the spring and autumn when one can hike with cherry blossoms or the turning leaves of the fall. For those who prefer not to hike, there's a cable car that takes 12 minutes to reach the top.

Categories Parks & Nature
Nearest Station Takaosan-guchi
Address 2177 takaomachi, Hachioji city, Tokyo
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3 Reviews for Mount Takao

  • Mount Takao
  • (2009-04-26)
  • I though Takao san would be a really nice change of pace from the very urban Tokyo. I had a lovely time but I never felt like I left the city. The hiking trails were quite small and it was extremely touristy. There was food and knickknacks to be purchased at seeemingly every corner. Furthermore, many of the attractions, such as the Monkey Park, had a viewing or entrance fee, although the actual hi... Read More

  • Fun for climbing, not for monkeys
  • (2008-06-30)
  • For a relaxing day with friends, family or just by yourself I highly recommend Mount Takao. You can hike up the mountain (or take a train) to a temple which has restaurants and souvenir shops nearby! Also, you can enjoy a meal prepared by the priests there which is all vegetarian (so if you’re vegetarian that’s a plus!). The only downside to this meal is that it does not taste good. This is o... Read More

  • Mount Takao
  • (2008-01-09)
  • I visited Mount Takao just in time for the beautiful autumn leaves. The ride from central Tokyo was easy and everything was very straightforward. I rode up the mountain on a ski-lift type thing (no handle bar to keep you from falling out) and it was very enjoyable. The views from the lift were amazing, of the surrounding mountain trees and the greater view of the city buildings of Tokyo. It wa... Read More
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