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Ueno Koen 上野公園 Parks & Nature / Ueno

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Tokyo's most popular park, home to historic statues, shrines, museums, art galleries, a zoo, a lotus-filled pond, a large homeless population, and Tokyo's biggest cherry blossom festival.

Categories Parks & Nature
Nearest Station Ueno
Address 5-20 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3828-5644
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6 Reviews for Ueno Koen

  • Ueno Koen
  • (2019-09-29)

  • Relaxing
  • (2010-12-08)
  • This place is beautiful during the fall. The leaves were all still on the trees and they were all shades of yellow, red, orange.There was a country wide market sale going on in the center of the park. So it was pretty crowded but the items that were sold ranged from large beautiful works of art to chopsticks and charms, even all kinds of kitchenware. Didn't get to go the zoo that is located 3 min.... Read More

  • Ueno Koen
  • (2009-04-23)
  • Ueno Koen is one of the more delightful places in Tokyo. It's quite large, so there are always many various things going on. There are grassy areas, large walking paths and a large pond. When I was there, there were street vendors selling many different kinds of Japanese street food, savory, sweet and drinks. There were even street performers. I saw a mime and a Chinese yo-yoer. This park is a gre... Read More

  • Ueno Park
  • (2009-04-22)
  • This is certainly the best place in Tokyo to go for Hanami (Cherry Blossom Viewing). There is an explosion of Cherry Blossoms, but beware of the huge and suffocating crowds. In addition, this park boasts many sights that are invaluable for the average tourist. The grounds are breathtaking, and the nature is a nice contrast the bustling streets of Tokyo. There are several museums, a zoo, and s... Read More

  • Ueno Koen
  • (2008-10-24)
  • This huge park is one of my favorites to take a nap after the lunch. I didn't know anything from the place, there are some buildings there, but didn't get in. I just go there to get a nice breeze and get more contact with Miss Mother Nature. And this is the most near park where I'm staying. So is really great to take your time there.

  • Ueno Koen
  • (2008-04-20)
  • Ueno Park boasts the largest number of museums and attractions in one place in all of Tokyo. We arrived at 9:00am and still didn’t get to see them all. What Ueno has: two shrines, a statue of Saigo Takamori, a zoo, a merry-go-round, two lakes (one inside the zoo), boating, parking, at least 6 museums, quite a few restaurants and ice cream stands, a grand fountain, teahouses, and much much more. ... Read More
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