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Bic Camera: Shibuya ビックカメラ Consumer Electronics / Shibuya

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Bic Camera is a national discount home electronics retailer with its largest stores by Tokyo station and Ikebukuro. The assortment varies by store but it sells cameras, computers and many other electronics and home appliances, as well as watches, jewelries, glasses and contact lenses, feather quilts, liquor, gifts, toys, sports items, bicycles and other miscellaneous products at a discount. Bic Camera Shibuya Hachikoguchi (Hachiko exit) spans seven levels selling digital cameras and other home electronics, as well as liquor and clocks at a discount.

Categories Consumer Electronics
Nearest Station Shibuya
Address 2-5-9 Dougenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3477-0002
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 10:00am-9:00pm
Credit Cards Yes

1 Review for Bic Camera: Shibuya

  • Bic Camera: Shibuya
  • (2009-08-08)
  • Bic Camera stores are quite cramped and can scare away the claustrophobics, at least when compared to Yodobashi and Labi/Yamada stores. Nevertheless, I have noticed that various video games I priced at the Bic Camera in Shibuya were 10% less than the prices of these competitors. So perhaps smaller floorspace results if bigger savings for the video game customer. The Shibuya store is in a very c... Read More

Other reviews of the same chain

  • Bic Camera: Yurakucho
  • (2011-02-28)
  • The best Bic camera store for overseas use is Shinjuku branch (West Exit). Ikebukuro area seems to cater more for Chinese visitors with Chinese speaking staff. Also check out Sofmap (part of Bic) deals second hand items too.

tokyo lady
  • Bic Camera: Yurakucho
  • (2010-10-25)
  • A great place to get your electronics and appliances. You get great discounts when you use your point card. However, don't expect anyone to be able to serve you in English (even if they claim to have English speaking staff, your novice Japanese will be much easier to understand). They have 5 or 6 floors. The top floor consists of restaurants and luxury items such as bags and pens. The Thai re... Read More

  • Bic Camera: Ikebukuro
  • (2008-06-19)
  • Bic Camera in Ikebukuro is one of my favorite stores from the East exit of Ikebukuro station. I'm not particularly interested in electronics but Bic Camera has so many display demos and the layout makes it easy to navigate. The prices of a lot of things are similar to the US (mp3 players, stereos, TVs, etc) but you'll find that DVDs, CDs and video games are more than you're used to paying. That's ... Read More

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