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  • Very attentive and polite
  • (2011-08-08)
  • I'm in front of my computer for 16+ hours a day for work, and thus do not need many functions i.e. internet on my phone. I only use my phone to do mobile emails among friends when I get lost on the streets.

    That said, I just needed a prepaid phone, and I chose to go to this Roppongi branch because they offered service in English.
    After getting the ticket, I was immediately greeted by a lady and she helped me through step by step. No sweat, and the whole process took less than 30 minutes. She was very polite and knowledgeable.

    The only downside, irrelevant to this review, is that the charger was too expensive! (cheapest prepaid phone < 3,000 yen, charger = 1500 yen) Later I found out that I could find a way cheaper charger at a 100yen shop or Don Quixote. ..
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  • Racist bastards!
  • (2009-12-28)
  • Softbank is a racist company! But they have the monopoly on the iPhone in Japan, so we have no choice but to deal with these jerks. I went to the Roppongi Softbank to upgrade my Iphone from 3G to 3GS and they refused me. I've lived in Japan for 5 years, had and Iphone for 1 1/2 years with Softbank, but no 3GS for me, cause I'm not Asian. Unfortunately racism is legal in Japan, so I suppose I'm lucky they let me pay 80,000 yen for my 3G when I did.
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tokyo lady

  • Terrible service
  • (2009-11-06)
  • Both my husband and I are going to change phone companies. The service at the Roppongi Branch is awful. Over the past year, they have decreased their staff. On the weekend our in the evening you will be waiting for over an hour.
    The staff are very rude, perhaps this is because of the fact that they are overworked and understaffed.
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  • Great Staff
  • (2008-10-19)
  • my personal experience was a 5-star. might be because of the situation (not a new contract) but i thought it was nice and i felt extremely satisfied after leaving.

    they have a machine, left side in japanese, right side in english. when you press the english side, it connects you to an english personnel later on (you do get a number and everything) the shop is one of those smaller ones, but big enough to have a u-shape of counters.

    the lady (staff/personnel) was helpful and was able to make sense of the vague guidance we were giving to her. when i had some questions, she was helpful and knowledgable. a positive experience.
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  • Wonderful Service
  • (2008-04-20)
  • I came to this SoftBank after visiting another much farther away (see my review for SoftBank in Yokohama) and found it equally as class but busier and having MUCH better service. I brought my American phone and wanted to buy a SIM card and a prepaid plan; I had been told at SoftBank Yokohama that this would be possible so long as I brought my Alien Registration Card.
    My attendant here in Roppongi actually looked at my phone and pointed out to me that it wouldn’t work in Japan because it lacked certain capabilities in relation to 3G (the system here in Japan). She gave me options for buying a cheap phone and SIM and helped me to figure out how to use a prepaid plan system, which was much cheaper than the contract and phone she could have peddled to me. She walked me through everything I needed to know about and do with my new phone, including adding minutes and setting up e-mail. Not only was she very knowledgeable about the phones, but she also explained the contract and fees thoroughly. This experience was completely unlike other cell phone horror stories I’ve heard from friends who have bought phones from AU and had to bring Japanese translators or ended up buying really expensive plans and being hit with penalties. SoftBank Roppongi is a great place for your cell phone needs.
    I got mine for 9975 in addition to a prepaid card of 3000 yen. Minutes are at 90 yen/minute (but no one in Tokyo really calls anyway) and e-mails are free up to 300 KB. The other option was the White Plan, with e-mail prices depending on size (30 yen for smallest, 210 yen for largest) and minutes free to SoftBank members from 1 am to 9pm, and 42 yen per minute for all other service providers?all for 980 yen per month plus usage charges.
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