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Liberty: 5 Video Games / Akihabara

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  • Liberty: 5
  • (2007-10-07)
  • This is a small store that is located very close to the station. It’s kind of a little run down building, but I think it adds to the atmosphere of being at the heart of Akihabara’s authentic video games soul. With old neon lights in the windows, if you came here at night you’d think you were in Blade Runner. Upon entering you are greeted with a host of floors starting with consoles and going up to a wide and generous selection of DVDs, audio CD’s, Japanese anime, and video games ranging from PC to hardcore console gaming. Interesting enough, when I asked the guy at the store, he pointed out that there is also an overseas game selection. This means that if you want to take any games back, or if you are an owner of an overseas console with different region lock, you can still enjoy the games you want here. More importantly with overseas or import games you’re got a pretty good chance that all menus and instructions will be in English. This kind of game centre is pretty comfortable place to browse around. It’s never so crowded as some of the other bigger game stores, and it has a kind of dark atmosphere that lets you look and browse at comfort away from the bright florescent tubes of other stores. This is a great Sunday afternoon.
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