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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 東京都庁 Night View Spots / Shinjuku

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For a fantastic view of Tokyo and, on a clear day, Mount Fuji, take the special elevator up to the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building (ie. Town Hall) in West-Shinjuku. The Metropolitain building has 48 floors and is 243 meters tall (approx 800 feet), and the two observation floors (North and South) are 202 meters (662feet) above the ground, allowing you to take in a 360 degree panorama of Tokyo. The North observation room is open late, giving you a chance to enjoy the spectacular night view. Best of all, entrance is free.

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Nearest Station Tocho-mae
Address 2-8-1Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku , Tokyo
Telephone 03-5320-7890
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 9:30am-11:00pm
Price Admission: Free

7 Reviews for The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

  • Best view in Shinjuku
  • (2011-02-12)
  • Sure, it's not Roppongi's amazing view, but it's without a doubt the best one you're going to find in the skyscraper district. Bonus points for a great view of Mount Fuji on a clear day.

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • (2009-05-09)
  • The view is well and all, and kind of entertaining. You can see if you can point stuff out and a few of the windows number the "sights." In the West Tower (the one that's open later) there's also a version of Hakuhinkan Toy Park (the one in Ginza). Didn't get to catch the night view of Shinjuku, but I think it might've been prettier than the day view. Either way, that part of Shinjuku is skyscrape... Read More

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • (2009-01-28)
  • The building itself is a beautiful example of architecture. And this building is a one-stop shop of anything bureaucratic. Literally any government function you can dream up can be found here. Very popular tour destination in the heart of the skyscraper district in Shinjuku. But if it's a view you're after, Roppongi really is a better bet. Especially since there is usually a pretty lengthy li... Read More

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • (2008-11-29)
  • Good place to go if you want to see urban Tokyo or want to see a nice view from the top of the tower. Entrance is totally free too! I used to like the icecream they sell at canteen but they do not have it anymore. They have two buildings so you can try both of them. The view is massive, you can see 360℃ of the view. If weather permitting, you can see Mt fuji or Oshima etc. They have some rest... Read More

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • (2008-11-17)
  • You can go up both towers. Except some days of the month when it is closed... so be sure to check the website or phone to see if it is open before you make the 'trek' from the station out to the building. If it is closed, the Park Hyatt is nearby, offering similar views albeit more expensive. For a high altitude restaurant, beer and drinks are remarkably reasonable. On a clear day you can see ... Read More

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • (2008-03-10)
  • This is definitely one of the best (free) views from the top. The view, on the 45th floor of the Government Building, is a very organized process maintained all day long. The staff guide you in the right direction and with only three buttons in the elevator, floors 1, 2, and 45, the excursion is easy. I went at around sunset to see the last bit of light shining on the tops of buildings. It is ... Read More

  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • (2007-06-28)
  • At the top of each of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government towers, there are observation decks complete with restaurants. There are elevators that run directly from the ground floor to the rooftop vistas. If you're in the Shinjuku or Tojyomae area, this is a good place to escape the summer heat for a few minutes. If the weather and the smog permit, you can see Mt. Fuji on the horizon. You can walk ar... Read More

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