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Tokyo Tower 東京タワー Night View Spots / Azabu-juban

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Tokyo Tower was completed in 1958 and stands at 333 meters high. There are two platforms at 150 meters and 250 meters from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. On clear days, you can see all the way to Mt. Fuji. To complete your visit, head to the wax museum or the Guinness World Records museum on your way down.

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Nearest Station Akabane-bashi
Address 4‐2‐8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku , Tokyo
Telephone 03-3433-5111
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 9:00am-10:00pm
Price Admission: Main Observatory (Special Observatory) for Adults: 820yen (+600yen); Elementary and Middle School Students: 460yen (+400yen); 4years and older: 310yen (+350yen)

7 Reviews for Tokyo Tower

tokyo lady
  • Tokyo Tower
  • (2010-10-23)
  • I really don't have anything positive to say about most towers: Seattle, Auckland, Vancouver and the Tokyo Tower is no exception. Even worse, they don't even have a proper restaurant on the top floor. Perhaps this is a good thing, however, since most tower restaurants have mediocre food b/c you are paying for the view. The restaurants at the Tokyo Tower are fast food only such as Baskin Robbins... Read More

  • Good from far, but far from good.
  • (2009-01-28)
  • The Monet of tourist attractions: cool from a distance but a total let-down when you see it up close. It is nothing more than a radio tower surrounded by stinky tour buses with a pathetic shopping center crammed underneath it. The only people who actually go here are tourists who allow Lonely Planet to jerk them around and foreign guys who think their Japanese girlfriends actually want to go her... Read More

  • Tokyo Tower
  • (2008-11-29)
  • I like Tokyo Tower. It is typical sightseeing place but really nice ! It is one of the most popular place for school trip too! You can see lots of group of school kids there. If weather permitting , you can see Mt fuji from view point. Also they have special light up at certain times such as breast cancer campaign( pink colour) or xmas verson so it is nice to go at night time. This place remin... Read More

  • Tokyo Tower
  • (2008-11-20)
  • A must-see for every Tokyo visitor, although do try to go up on a clear day. The views are amazing, and even more so if you bring your little bi-lingual map book along and can point out to your guest "here is where I live ... here is where the Emperor lives ... that little area way over there is Yokohama". Best of all is when Fuji is visible from the bottom tower - these are the days when it migh... Read More

  • Tokyo Tower
  • (2008-11-17)
  • If you do it for nothing else, do it for the glass floor section up at the top. The glass floor has a better effect during the day than the night, but both times are excellent for a date. Japanese people view Tokyo tower as a top place to bring your date, so be prepared for the various types of couples, whether it's the first date awkward types or the couple on tour from another city. From Ropp... Read More

  • Tokyo Tower
  • (2007-09-30)
  • As the landmark of Tokyo, it is a must to pay a visit here. There is a very long line outside the entrance, waiting to be called to take the speedy elevator taking you to the top of the tower. After around 15 minutes of waiting, I finally went on the elevator. The speed the elevator move was fast! It takes about a minute or so to get to the observatory deck. There are two observatories; for the sp... Read More

  • Tokyo Tower
  • (2007-06-28)
  • Constructed in 1958 as a symbol of Japan's post-war recovery, the Tokyo Tower continues to be a draw to tourists and Japanese alike, even though it has long been outpaced by neighboring skyscrapers. Tokyo Tower is 333m, 13m higher than the Eiffel tower. I payed 800 yen to ride the elevator to the main observation deck, and an addition 620 yen to go to the "special" observation deck, quite a bit hi... Read More

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