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Review and discover all that is delicious, or not, in Tokyo. From the best pastries to grocery stores, hard-to-find cheeses to the most complete liquor stores, this is the best place to find all that you crave in Tokyo!

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Best Groceries/Supermarkets in Tokyo more

Kinokuniya Internation...

Kinokuniya International

(Omotesando, Aoyama)

They have dark rye-bread, carelian pies and sourdough bread, licorice = heaven. Need I say more? ......

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Dean and Deluca: Shin...

Dean and Deluca:  Shinagawa


Dean and Deluca is an American chain of up-scale grocery stores first established in New York. Dean ...

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Best Desserts in Tokyo more

Mont Thabor

Mont Thabor


My girlfriend introduced me to this place and I will be honest with you. It is my number 2 goto bake...

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Jean Paul Hevin: Roppo...

Jean Paul Hevin: Roppongi


Walked past Jean-Paul Hevin's and immediately fell prey to his chocolate lure. The Mont Blanc on the...

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Alice in Wonderland: S...

Alice in Wonderland: Shinjuku


I'm surprised this chain is not already on here. Alice in Magical Land, the Shinjuku West outpost o...

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Sakura House

Featured Review

  • Milkyway Cafe
  • Cafes / Ikebukuro
  • This is really my go-to place when I'm in Tokyo. If I can't decide where to go, stopping into Milkyway always makes me feel like I'm in Tokyo. Maybe it's the polite service, the tiny yummy plates, or ... Read More
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