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Costco: Makuhari Groceries/Supermarkets / Chiba, Narita

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  • Costco: Makuhari
  • (2009-01-31)
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    pizza: very excellent, giant slices, cheap! i suggest the mixed toppings; otherwise, there's just cheese or pepperoni

    the warehouse: i love the breads section; muffins, dinner rolls, and donuts for cheap! the price of the giant(big) chip bag, same ones you can find in Don Quijote, are just a little cheaper (about 30 to 40yen); milk is pretty cheap too, about 120 for a carton,only in packs of 2 or 3. Of couse,there are also samples!!! from fish to rice to soup. the thing is they take their time to prepare, and every single one has to finish before they put it out. imagine a queue for a sample.

    as for moving around; everyone is traveling around with a giant cart (i imagine for encouragement), so it gets a bit difficult. and if you want to go back to the 2nd floor from the 1st floor, you have to do the whole entrance thing again. As for guests, only 1 guest per card, which is a little sad. they scan your card and give you a coupon flyer when you enter.

    the toilet paper is cheap and heaped, so I'd suggest buying that. Otherwise, the prices build up and you might find yourself leaving with having spent $145 or more dollars. (pay in yen, but credit cards accepted)

    things that were missing: pancake mix, box of ramen noodles, etc. it could just be that the store was too gigantic and it gets a little impossible to find stuff.
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