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Costco: Makuhari Groceries/Supermarkets / Chiba, Narita

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An American membership warehouse club, Costco offers fantastic prices to those who are willing to get to their mostly out of the way locations (and pay the yen annual membership). The stores are huge, no-frills spaces full of groceries, electronics, clothing, furniture and more at near wholesale prices (and in wholesale sizes). Many of the items are hard to find in Japan and/or much cheaper than at fancier import shops.

Also onsight is 1-hour photo processing, apharmacy, optical department, tire service center and a food court serving bargain-priced hot dogs, pizza slices, soft serve ice cream and other treats.

Categories Groceries/Supermarkets , Interior Design & Furniture
Nearest Station Shin Narashino
Address 1-4 Toyosuna, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba
Telephone 043-213-4111
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 10:00am-8:00pm

1 Review for Costco: Makuhari

  • Costco: Makuhari
  • (2009-01-31)
  • ? 1 Hour Photo / Digital Prints ? ATM ? Bakery ? BBQ Deli ? Beer & Wine ? Business Products ? Delivery ? Food Court ? Fresh Deli ? Fresh Fish ? Fresh Meat ? Fresh Produce ? Fresh Sushi ? Optical Department ? Pharmacy ? Pizza to go ? Rotisserie Chicken ? Tire Service Center pizza: very excellent, giant slices, cheap! i suggest the mixed toppings; otherwise, there's just cheese o... Read More

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  • Costco: Iruma
  • (2012-08-24)
  • Fun place as always and made even more dangerously fun because the Mitsui Outlet Park is right next door. Great place for families to hang out, although I don't think the outlet would be very fun for teenage guys. I happened to visit these two places when the Outlet was having a 70% off end of summer sale which allowed me to have a little leftover to spend at Costco. If there were an onsen nearby ... Read More
Makuhari Messe
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