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  • Hanamasa: Akihabara
  • (2019-12-31)
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  • The only 24hour Supermarket you would want to visit
  • (2008-03-11)
  • The yellow sign and bright lights of this 24hour supermarket drew me like a little bee to a brightly coloured flower and was the nectar sweet! Its really quite a find staying in Tokyo where smaller shops selling fresh fruits and other groceries scatter the blocks. This supermarket is really super huge and occupies the underpass of the JR lines above. It situated about 100-200meters from the Ginza Line Suehirocho station. you can miss it from the junction of Chuo dori and Kuramaebashi dori you will be drawn to the lights and yellow sign board. It a brilliant advertising! The outside of the supermart is lined with fruits - bundles of oranges from sunkist and huge apples- 6 in a pack for ~700yen! also there are assorted fresh veggies both inside and outside. It has two huge sections one for frozen foods - all kinds of seafood including king crabs and packs of scallops and prawns just to name a few. It is a cooks heaven if you like cooking your own meals and storing stuff in your freezer for days/weeks... wholesale is the word on its sign and its true... everything is packed in large quantities. If you like doing your own sabu sabu there are different grades of beef/pork on display. Not forgetting canned foods and large stocks of tomatoe puree/pasta - i have a feeling restaurant chefs come here to get their ingredients! I'd popped by to grab fruits and veggies as well as ice cream to go with the blueberries and strawberries; frozen packs of mixed veggies and yellow corn; packs of chips and japanese crackers; frozen chicken nuggets and sausages... its usually late after work and there's usually not much of a crowd so you can shop in peace and at your own pace... i've noticed others pop in real quick get what they want and dash out - probably they have packed illegally outside? They have a website as listed and there are outlets elsewhere. There is a smaller outlet on the other side of Kuramaebashi dori/Suehirocho station just down from Jonathan's restaurant which has wines to go with the red meat. Seems you can even order groceries online!? This is the best 24hour supermarket in Tokyo to get what you need for your meals or when you have to throw a big dinner party!!
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  • Hanamasa: Akihabara
  • (2008-01-27)
  • This is great Wholesale store where you can get a great selection of frozen food, and foreign import foods much cheaper than Japan supermarkets. I got huge 500g bags of mixed peppers or green beans for 200 yen each, and 500g bags of pasta for 100 yen. This is definately the place to stock up and save money. They also have lots of meat, sauces, herbs and cereals such as oats and corn flakes.
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