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Karutaya かるた屋 Japanese Sweets / Ueno

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  • Karutaya
  • (2007-06-22)
  • I'm crazy about Japanese sweets, though I acknowledge that they're probably not everyone's cup of tea. I like their mildly sweet nature. You'll often find anko, or red bean paste, in the center of Japanese sweets. Such is the case with Manjuu, which is slightly difficult to describe. It comes in a couple of different shapes. If you're in Ueno, be sure to make a stop at Karutaya. One of my Japanese friends described their Manjuu as, “truly high class.” They have a small board in front of the shop which displays pictures of famous TV personalities visiting the store. If you make a visit, and decide to purchase some Manjuu, you have to tell the store clerk how many you want. Like many food establishments in Japan, they have one specialty and stick to it. Their particular kind of Manjuu has white anko instead of red, which is part of their claim to fame.
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