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Mamegen 豆源 Japanese Sweets / Azabu-juban

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  • Mamegen
  • (2011-12-13)
  • I was told this was a VERY famous establishment for seasoned snacks, senbei, etc. Once I arrived and sampled I understood why. The store itself is always busy. I don't know why there is a lunch and dinner price in the overview because it is a shop not a restaurant. There is a lot to choose from, and if you look around there are color coded charts letting you know which snacks are spicy, sweet, savory, etc... There is a window in the front where you can see the man deep frying the shio okaki (and to quote my son, "can't go back to potato chips").Of course they offer samples because it is snack cocaine. Thank God I have to bicycle my way to the shop because otherwise, I think I would have to start shopping for the piano box to bury myself in. The gift boxes are lovely gifts and snacks for home. I also love that you feel like a real insider shopping there.
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