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Tanakaya: Mejiro 田中屋 酒店 Liquor / Ikebukuro

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  • Treat yourself to a good drink
  • (2010-08-17)
  • A great liquor store to meet almost any need!
    A very friendly staff as well and a knowledgeable owner who loves great beer. And is happy to point you in the right direction for your drinking needs.

    I was also impressed by their port wine selection. Usually places in Japan only carry Ruby ports it seem. But this place carried the whole spectrum it seems. From 10 year Tawnys to 1860s ports! (albeit, not able to spend 60,000 yen for a bottle of that stuff, but still)

    Its also a great place to stop before heading to a park, like Yoyogi. If you want a slightly classier picnic with buds vs. combini beer.

    I had one drawback by it all though. Most every beer they had was west coast microbrews (a few east coasters like fishhead) but nothing from the midwest. Missing out on some great beers from there. Perhaps someday they will stack them.
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  • Tanakaya: Mejiro
  • (2009-07-28)
  • I used to frequent Mejiro quite often, yet I never realized what a gem lies unassumingly tucked in a basement.

    This is my dream liquor store. The beer selection is the best I have seen in the city, with many brews you will never find anywhere else.

    I came here looking for the elusive Gulden Draak beer, which is one of my absolute favorites. I found the Gulden Draak, and much more. There are lots of American and Japanese microbrews, as well as one of the best selections of Belgian beer I've seen in Japan. In addition, the spirits collection is really strong. The only place where they don't match up is in the wine department, but who cares? Go somewhere else for wine.

    Make sure you check out the discount bin on your way out. I almost missed it, but then discovered good-quality peach liquor and Galliano for only 500 yen per bottle -- an absolute bargain.
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