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Namja Town ナムコ・ナンジャタウン Amusement Parks / Ikebukuro

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Namjatown is an indoor amusement facility located on the second floor of Sunshine 60. It has 24 attractions inside of 6 towns, including ice cream town and gyoza town (Japanese dumplings), where you can enjoy famous restaurants from all over Japan.

Categories Amusement Parks
Nearest Station Higashi-ikebukuro
Address Sunshinecity World Importmart Bldg.2・3F, 3-1 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku , Tokyo
Telephone 03-5950-0765
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 10:00am-10:00pm
Price Admission: Adults: 300yen, Children: 200yen; Adults: 3,900yen, Children: 3,300yen

6 Reviews for Namja Town

  • Namja Town
  • (2009-08-19)
  • This place is fun, there's no doubt about it. But, it can be challenging if you don't speak Japanese because there are basically no concessions made for the gaijin audience. I came looking for the gyoza stadium, and was pleasantly surprised with all the choice they have. We tried several kinds of gyoza from different shops, and overall the quality was high. Likewise, ice cream in ice cream town ... Read More

  • Namjatown
  • (2009-07-01)
  • Though you have to pay admission to get in, this is definitely a place to go. There are two levels of entertainment which include not only food but also games and rides. The premise is kind of strange to me, perhaps because I don't know the full story, but it seems to be kind of a ghostly amusement park that people (young and older) go to amuse themselves and to eat. I saw a lot of people on dates... Read More

  • Cheesecake!
  • (2008-04-18)
  • The Cheesecake Expo is a limited time showcase in Namjatown. While it isn’t complemented by various other cheesecake shops in its own food theme park, the cheesecakes here more than make up for its size. Prices here vary from tiny cheesecakes for fewer than 200 yen to large, gourmet cheesecakes. In between, you find cheesecakes from different nations, with a variety of toppings and fillings. Thi... Read More

  • Gyoza Stadium
  • (2008-02-20)
  • I went to Namja Town the other day. Gyoza Stadium has many good gyoza stands!! Once you start, you cannot stop. I tried 5 different shops and they were all satisfactory. I reall recommend the stand from Osaka. There are unique menus including Takoyaki Gyoza. Other than Gyoza Stadium, there isn't really much to see. I would not recommend purchasing a one day passport, priced around 2500, which I b... Read More

  • Namja Town
  • (2008-01-11)
  • I went to Namja Town for the Gyouza (Dumpling) Stadium, as well, they are my favorite food. The selection was overwhelming and there were so many choices that I didn't know what to do. I was with a big group so unfortunately this caused a lot of chaos. Nobody knew what to order since there were just too many choices. However, after we got a little bit more organized, we were all able to find s... Read More

  • Namja Town
  • (2007-06-29)
  • Namjatown, from what could understand, is not an amusement park in the traditional roller coaster and lots of rides sense. The entire place is in Japanese and I had a very difficult time navigating it. There were a few things I could understand but for the most part I could not understand a thing. Ice cream City was my favorite part simply because they had several ice cream stores that all looked... Read More
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