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Tokyo Disney Land 東京ディズニーランド Amusement Parks / Kinshicho

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This theme park requires no introduction: Tokyo Disneyland. The park is divided into seven themes, and it's consistently packed with visitors. The daily parade continues to be the biggest attraction and they are always adding new things to keep the experience fresh.

Categories Amusement Parks
Nearest Station Maihama
Address 1 Maihama, Urayasu-city, Chiba
Telephone 045-683-3777
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 9:00-10:00pm; Check the website for details
Price Admission: Adults (over 18): 5,800yen, 12-17 years old: 5,000yen, 4-11 years old: 3,900yen

2 Reviews for Tokyo Disney Land

  • Tokyo Disney Land
  • (2010-07-25)
  • I’ve never been to any Disneyland bar this one so I have nothing to compare it to. But for me it’s a definite must-see for anyone visiting Tokyo. The rides are fun, especially for people with young children in tow. And with so many things on offer, including a plethora of interesting (and not so interesting) shows you’ll be lucky to see and do everything. Be warned though: this place is ... Read More

  • Parts brought together
  • (2008-10-19)
  • 18 and over 5800 17 5000 up to 11 3900 i went to halloween disney, which was awesome fun. really, i think disney would deserve a better score if it wasn't for how crowded it was!! consistently packed is an understatement, but then again i went on a holiday weekend, so for starters, my advice is to AVOID the weekend. I mean, it got so bad that there were even lines for food. my friend told me that... Read More
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