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Yomiuri Land よみうりランド Amusement Parks / Kichijoji

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An amusement park in western Tokyo with lots of attractions combined with green areas. The most popular ride is Bandit, a roller coaster that cuts through the forest at 110 km/h. The water park will be open during summer 2010 from July 9 to September 12.

Categories Amusement Parks , Water Parks & Pools
Nearest Station Keio-yomiuri-land
Address 4015-1 Yanoguchi, Inagi-city, Tokyo
Telephone 044-966-1111
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 10:00am-5:00pm, Sundays 9:00am-5:00pm (longer hours during peak season), closed Tuesdays during off season
Price Admission: 1600 yen for adults, 800 yen for children and seniors; Day Pass 3900 yen for adults, 2900 yen for children. Pool: Adults 2,800 yen, Children (3-17) and seniors (60+) 1,800 yen

2 Reviews for Yomiuri Land

  • Yomiuri Land
  • (2019-09-06)

  • A really good amusement park
  • (2008-10-23)
  • I don't understand why there's no review here ! It's one of the best park I went. It's not so thrill as FujiQ but it's great. It's very big and you need the day to do almost everything. You have attractions for all ages. It's a good thing to bring child there. I recommand the Giant Sky River. It's the best for me. I say no more, you'll see ;) For those who want more, you can make bungee... Read More
Yomiuri Land Okanoyu
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