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Beer Museum Yebisu 恵比寿麦芽記念館 Museums / Ebisu

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  • The Ebisu Beer Museum
  • (2012-06-13)
  • The Ebisu Beer museum is a brilliant place to go and I tell you what I have a great link for anybody else who might want to read a little more about it here,
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  • Beer Museum Yebisu
  • (2007-11-23)
  • Beer lover’s paradise is about the best way to describe any beer museum, and the Yebisu beer museum is no exception. Located in the beautiful Garden Place, the beer museum is part of the Sapporo Beer building. 4 large beer cans surrounding the oval door mark the entrance in a way only a beer museum could. Once you walk inside, the room expands and reveals a large open area and at the focal point is a large golden vat that was originally used in one of the first plants but is now a simple of the company’s success. Entrance to the museum is free and there are English brochures available. The welcome girls even speak a little English. The first exhibit is a history of beer and the company presented in a neat way, but all of it is in Japanese so unless you can read the language, you can just look at the nice exhibits. You then proceed to a hall that shows you how beer is made by employing videos and a sort of interactive cycle taking you through the stages of brewing beer, but again all is in Japanese. The last part of the non-drinking portion leads you to their little theatrical production which employs some cool technology and tells the story of how one man saves the beer fairy and cool refreshing taste of beer from an evil magician. If you can’t understand any Japanese the show is still entertaining to watch. The hallway then widens to reveal a large room with several tables and a gleam catches your eye from across the way, at last we come to the best part, the tasting room and the golden taps are a marvelous sight. Here you can buy all the different types of beer under the Yebisu name for a very cheap price. The sampler only cost 400 yen for 4 beers, and for a half pint it is only 200 or 250 yen, depending upon the beer. They let you drink as much as you want and give you a bag of beer crackers with each order so enjoy all the beer you want at this dream location.
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