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Tokyo National Museum 東京国立博物館 Museums / Ueno

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This museum is so large that one day wouldn't be enough to see everything. The displays happen in five separate halls, and at any one time one can see about three thousand of their pieces. The whole collection has over 110,000 items, many of which are national treasures. Other than paintings, the collection also includes various types of ceramics and swords. The exhibits change every one to three months.

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Nearest Station Uguisudani
Address 13-9 Ueno Park,Taito-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3822-1111
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 9:30am-5:00pm; Closed Mon
Price Admission: Adults: 600yen, College Students: 400yen

7 Reviews for Tokyo National Museum

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • (2020-03-19)

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • (2010-09-01)
  • After 5 clueless taxi drivers about the "Tokyo National Museum," I finally said, "Tokyo HAKUBUTSUKAN onegaishimasu" ... we were off! There are special exhibits for around 1,500 yen, or the normal entrance adult fee is 600 yen. There is a plethora of ancient artifacts. We got to see mostly 13th-15th century art. They have a comfortable layout, big selections, Japanese and English explanations, g... Read More

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • (2009-05-24)
  • The Tokyo National Museum is a series of several buildings and displays. I went with my art class, and got in for free. I explored the various buildings for several hours, but didn't get to see everything. This is a definite must-see for those who want to experience some history and culture. Don't go to to eat at the restaurant though, when you're done and want lunch go to the many street vendors ... Read More

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • (2008-10-23)
  • If you plan to make a museum day. Go here. As it said in the overview it;s quite big and you will be tired at the end of the day I assume ! Everything is very neat and it's really pleasant to be there and see the remains of Asian civilisations. I have to mention that you can take pictures of almost everything. My advice : Take your time but come in the morning or in the beginning of th... Read More

  • All for 400 yen!
  • (2008-04-17)
  • The Tokyo National Museum is a misleading title?in actuality, it is a gorgeous walled and gated garden which happens to contain many teahouses, museums, and restaurants. While the restaurants are a bit pricey, the entrance fee is not. As a college student, I got into the regular museum for 400 yen; I would have had to pay an additional 1200 yen to see the special exhibits, which were contained in ... Read More

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • (2008-03-13)
  • The museum comprises of several buildings, each with many different items on display. I got to the museum at around 3:00 pm which was two hours before closing. This was definitely not enough time to see more than the main building. I would definitely suggest allocating a lot of time for this museum if you want to see everything. The main building had items located sparsely throughout. Accor... Read More

  • Tokyo National Museum
  • (2007-11-23)
  • Tokyo National Museum will probably have something interesting for everybody. It's the biggest museum in Ueno park, and there are plenty of maps, so getting there is easy. When I went they had the permanent exhibits and a special Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit, which drew far more people. I decided to opt for the traditional exhibits - I had seen the Da Vinci exhibit in Florence last year anyway. Yo... Read More
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