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Toto Super Space TOTO スーパースペース Show Rooms / Shinjuku

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  • Toto Super Space
  • (2007-08-02)
  • I know a couple who lived in Japan for four years. When they went back to the United States and bought a house, they told me that they were planning to import a Toto Toilet. That was before I went to Japan, and I had no experience with Toto toilets. I can safely say now that they're fantastic. Well, most of the time they're fantastic. They do everything. Usually, if you find a Toto toilet in a public restroom, it has a bidet and will play a nice little running water noise for your while you do your business. That, frankly, gets old quick. Personally, I'm not a fan of the automatic flush.

    In any case, Toto has a showroom where you can either express your religious devotion to the brand or just have a look around. If you're shopping for bathroom or kitchen fixtures, you should probably come here first. Everything is futuristic. One of the bathtubs in particular looked like it belonged on a Star Trek set.

    In the adjoining bathrooms, you can try out the newest and best toilets and faucets. There are two floors of samples and displays. It encompasses the 26th and 27th floor. It's a nice place to go to say you've been.
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