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Odaiba Line お台場ライン Water Busses / Hamamatsucho

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The Odaiba line connects Hinode-Sanbashi and the Odaiba Shore Park. The 20-minute boat ride offers views of the shopping malls, ferris wheel and museums that line up the Odaiba shore. The night views are also not to be missed!

Categories Water Busses
Nearest Station Hinode
Address 2-7-104 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 0120-977-311
Home Page (Available in English)
Price Admission: Adults: 460yen, Children: 230yen

5 Reviews for Odaiba Line

  • Odaiba Line
  • (2020-12-08)

tokyo lady
  • Odaiba Line
  • (2010-10-25)
  • A convenient way to get to Odaiba from the mainland. You can also go to Asakusa from Hinode pier. I don't consider it to be a spectacular boat. Sure the view is great, especially at night, but the boat is old. A bonus is that you are able to bring your bicycle on board.

  • Odaiba Line
  • (2010-04-28)
  • I took this line from Asakusa to Odaiba. It was a really nice and relaxing trip. Unlike some of the trips where they explain all the areas of old Tokyo, these just take you from place to place; with some nice views of the city and the interesting buildings near the shore. For the price, I'd say go for it for some relaxation before you continue on with your bustling Tokyo experience.

  • Odaiba Line
  • (2007-10-26)
  • Need a little break from the hustle and bustle of the Tokyo streets? Take a ride on one of the Suijo water buses. There are three different locations that you can take a boat to and just relax in the Tokyo harbor. The boat was quite comfortable and relaxing while it took us from Inode to Odaiba. There were a few picture worthy moments along the way as we sat on top of the boat. The boat was not ve... Read More

  • Odaiba Line
  • (2007-10-03)
  • Perfectly blending pleasure and function, the water bus ferries allow you to sit back and view the Tokyo skyline while traveling to your next destination, which, if you are riding the ferry, is probably Odaiba or Asakusa. There are quite a few ferries to choose from; each is unique. Some look rather mundane, but one looks part bat-mobile and part submarine, and others are supposed to reflect past... Read More
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