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Sumida River Line 隅田川ライン Water Busses / Hamamatsucho

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The Sumida line connects Hinode-Sanbashi and Asakusa by way of the Hamarikyu gardens with a 40-minute boat ride on the Sumida River. The stretch between Asakusa and Hinode-Sanbashi is traversed by twelve bridges whose design and color delight the eye. The guide will explain famous and historic sites on the river banks from where you can see how the old Edo Tokyo still exists hidden inside the modern city. Headphones with explanations in English are available.

Categories Water Busses
Nearest Station Hinode
Address 2-7-104 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 0120-977-311
Home Page (Available in English)
Price Admission: Adults: 760yen, Children: 380yen

3 Reviews for Sumida River Line

  • Sumida River Line
  • (2010-04-28)
  • I took this boat ride on a whim with my cousins. It was a decent price and the trip was enjoyable enough. Some of the sights were interesting, but otherwise it was a plain ride. You get to see some makeshift homes on the riverbanks by homeless people. You get a really great view of two buildings; one in the shape of a beer (though it's hard to tell that's exactly what it is) and a flame. The ... Read More

  • Sumida River Line
  • (2008-11-22)
  • For vacationers, families, or people freshly in love, taking a ride on the Tokyo Harbor Water Bus is a really great way to spend a few comfortable hours together. I took the ferry to Asakusa, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The boat departs from Hinode pier. When you arrive at the pier, look for a modern building. That's where you can obtain a ticket. While you're at the pier, you might want to t... Read More

  • not the best...
  • (2008-10-23)
  • A cruise on a boat is always a pleasure for me. But here I think that the landscape is not very nice. In addition, for me, the weather was not so good so it made it worse. I think it's more enjoyable to go on foot and follow the Sumida river.
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