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Golden Gai used to be a black market district in the post-war era, but eventually mutated into a relatively safe collection of bars. Tiny two-storey Albatross is elegant and mysterious, with an atmosphere that is equal parts Gothic and Victorian England. An English menu is available, but you'll have to ask for the more interesting cocktails.

Categories Bars
Nearest Station Shinjuku
Address Kabuki-chou Goban-gai (5th street) 2F, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3203-3699
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 8:00pm-05:00am; closed Sun 

1 Review for Albatross : Golden Gai

  • Albatross : Golden Gai
  • (2007-07-26)
  • Like all bars in Golden-gai, Albatross is cramped, intimate, and a little bit mysterious. My friend and I were scavenging for a drink on a sweaty summer night and were pleasantly greeted with a cloud of cool, air-conditioned air when we climbed up the stairs to Albatross. It was still very early so we were the only ones there. Bar Albatross has a chill, glam-victorian feel. The walls are dark red;... Read More

Other reviews of the same chain

  • Albatross : Omoide Yokocho
  • (2011-10-25)
  • Its an interesting place with English menu however the drinks are quite small.. I went there after drinking in Vagabond which near Albatross and had great time ;P

  • Albatross : Omoide Yokocho
  • (2007-12-15)
  • Albatross stands out as a slightly different bar than most in Omoide Yokocho. Rather than specializing in yakitori, oden or some other form of grilled stuff, Albatross sticks to the drinks in a tiny bar that spans three floors. We had a couple of Gin and Tonics here, and a whisky on the rocks. The atmosphere was subdued, but as the regulars started pouring in, a sense of conviviality emerged an... Read More

  • Albatross : Omoide Yokocho
  • (2007-07-27)
  • Located down one of Shinjuku’s older corridors, Albatross blends both the traditional and modern worlds of Japan. Albatross is stratified into 3 levels, each much different than the others. The first level is like a regular bar; it is dark, and everyone is sitting in the close quarters on a bench at the counter. It feels like a place for regulars, but also welcomes outsiders. The second floor is... Read More

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