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The First Bar Bars / Roppongi

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Categories Bars , Dance Clubs / Nightclubs
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address Roi Bldg B1, 5-5-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5474-5547
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours Sun-Thu 6:00pm - 5:00am; Fri & Sat 6:00pm - 6:00am
Price Admission: Free entrance
Credit Cards Yes

11 Reviews for The First Bar

  • The First Bar
  • (2021-02-07)

  • The First Bar
  • (2021-01-14)

  • The First Bar
  • (2021-01-13)

  • The First Bar
  • (2020-10-17)

  • The First Bar
  • (2019-11-01)

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  • The First Bar is The Best Bar in Roppongi
  • (2011-04-05)
  • The best parties I got were in The First Bar. This place is for me the Best Bar in Tokyo because the atmosphere is really great!! Every time I go there I know that I will have a good time, make new friends and enjoy til morning (lol) Seriously if you visit Roppongi you have to go and check by yourself, The First Bar is near B1F of the Roi building next to the Mc Donald's so you can not miss it!! I... Read More

  • Excellent Time
  • (2010-12-28)
  • i am an American living here in Tokyo for over 2 years and not once have i been "scammed" drugged, or jumped... in fact quite the contrary. The First Bar is one of my favorite places to do my pregame and is a great meet up spot. Sure the drinks are a lil pricey but the staff learns your face pretty quickly. So actions prove louder then words so go experience it, there is no cover charge so it won'... Read More

  • The First Bar
  • (2009-09-10)
  • I have been to the First bar and found the environment to be very pleasant and despite the large amounts of customers my drinks were always served in a timely manner. Personally I feel it's wrong for people to make certain accusations about another person's business if there is no proof. The women who drugged the drinks of these customers were probably working independently. Sometimes they visit t... Read More

  • The First Bar
  • (2009-03-14)
  • Scam Alert - "The First Bar" Roppongi My friends and I were recently involved in a scam that took place in the Roppongi area called "The First Bar" Don't fall victim! Here's how the scam and theft works: My 2 friends and I were out for drinks in the area, we met some girls at a random bar in Roppongi. These girls had a conservative appearance "nice curb appeal" not your typical street ... Read More

  • The First Bar
  • (2007-06-26)
  • This pub features a large square bar in the middle of a fairly large space for a bar in Tokyo. On a Saturday night most of the crowd was foreigners who were in their thirties. The music was loud and fantastic. They played some Journey and other classic rock. They had imported bottled beer at 800 yen apiece and a vibrant customer base. There seemed to be sections of the bar that were more active th... Read More

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