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  • Wall Street House
  • (2012-11-18)
  • i have been to wall street club very recently. The place is pretty decent looking with well placed seats and VIP lounge. I went there on a saturday night and unfortunately it was raining until 9'O PM.
    when i reached there at around 10PM, the seats were all empty and there were very less people.
    This club attracts not only young crowd but also 30+ wise men who are looking for a wonderful time with mostly metal music. Hip/Hop is played in 4th Floor. But that floor was empty too on that day.
    Cover charge was 1000 yen with one free drink + one free tequila shot. I will tell you what, its worth and the ambience makes you feel comfortable.
    If you go little early, you would probably given free entry with being one drink purchase mandatory.

    The bar tenders were very nice and they gave out free popcorn and chips. Absolutely foreigner friendly. you would probably notice some of the bar tenders were also foreigners.

    Crowd started coming in at 12:00. Few of the couples came and they started kissing which made the whole club scene looks like an love paradise. well it certainly looked lovely but i was expecting to sweat myself on the dance floor which actually did not happen due to the less crowd.I didnt stay late either to check out what was the early morning scene all about.
    On one of the Tuesday, there is a body painting show in the club. they invited me as well, sure i will visit again.

    By the way, i still peeped into gaspanic to see what's going on, but to my surprise the door was locked. I could guees, the club was full. anyways i didnt show much interest to go inside gaspanic.
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  • Wall Street House
  • (2009-03-05)
  • Honestly, I've only been here once, but I thought the place was rather posh/nice. It's one of those bars where there's music playing and a dance floor, so not for a quiet talk-out. Entrance is free, but you're required to buy a drink instead. My friend told me he got the stricter end of that (before he even got seated, was being slightly asked/hassled). Otherwise, you get butter shoyu popcorn w/ your drink (yay!) and can own that stool or couch.

    There's a promotion going on for students. Starting March 19, 2009. With a student ID, get
    - all drinks 500 yen all night long (i'm sure there are some exclusions)
    - first drink free (getting mixed messages about whether this is just for the ladies or guys get some of this action too)
    - free rental of VIP lounges for birthday/holiday/etc parties and events

    You can also rent out the bar, but if you want it to be private (not open to the public) it's sunday through thursday 24 hr; friday and saturday, 8 am to 9 pm around abouts (just think, not at the busiest hours).

    birthday parties get cake/champagne depending on the number of peeps. There's a facebook page w/ same details:
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