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Beer Station Ebisu ビアステ-ション 恵比寿 Beer Bars / Ebisu

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  • Beer Station Ebisu
  • (2020-11-21)
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  • Beer Station Ebisu
  • (2008-07-21)
  • Summer is the season in Japan for drinking beer! Hordes of Japanese business men/women, college students, freeters and whatnot gather to beer halls, beer gardens, and izakaya to drink themselves silly. And Ebisu's Beer Station is one of those hot locations! They serve beer at reasonable prices and serve lots of great beer food in a fun environment.

    Beer Station is located right in front of the Garden Plaza, when you get off the moving walkways from the East exit of Ebisu. It's a huge brick building with two floors and outdoor tabling as well. You can come in large groups and organize parties or come with a small group of close friends. I wouldn't really recommend this place for drinking alone -- it's not a bar, there're no counters or girls to pick up.

    You come here for the beer. Order Suntory, Ebisu, Guiness, Becks, whatever, in pitchers and jugs (or small cups) and drink yourself silly! On the side, order Bavarian sausages, fried chicken and other great finger food. I highly recommend the Bavarian Plate and the Mountain Chicken Fry. I went with a group of five and those two plates, plus the Sausage no moriawase, filled us perfectly. I have to say, though their speciality is in beer, the food is all pretty good too.

    Unfortunately, there might be a little line-waiting to do. When I went, the line wrapped up the stairs to the second floor. It might have to do with the fact that I went on a Saturday night of a three-day weekend, but I assume it gets crowded regularly. However, there are lots of seats so the line goes pretty fast, especially if you're waiting with a group of close friends. It was worth the relatively short wait (maybe 20minutes).

    So, if you're looking for a good time and some good food, with some good beer, try heading to Ebisu's beer station. You won't be disappointed!
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