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Feria Tokyo
  • English Speakers on staff!
  • Menu in English available!

Feria is a complex building of night life - words like "international" and "luxury" come to mind. On the basement floor, Feria is crowded with both Japanese and foreigners who want to dance or socialize. Ristorante offers Tokyo cuisine, sushi, drinks, and a wine lounge on the first floor. On the second floor, you can enjoy live R&B performances at Midas before relaxing in the sophisticated Crystal Lounge on the third and fourth floors. One entrance fee for the whole building.

Categories Dance Clubs / Nightclubs
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address Feria Bldg. 7-13-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5775-2949
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 7:00pm-5:00am; closed Sun
Credit Cards Yes
  • Introduction

  • Floor Guide

  • Party Plan

  • A club space for international partiers, Feria features five floors each housing a unique space, offering the best of Tokyo nightlife.
  • System


Monday & Tuesday
Ladies & Gentleman ENTRANCE FREE
Ladies:1,000yen/3Tickets Gentleman:1,000yen/2Tickets
Wednesday & Thursday
Ladies & Gentleman ENTRANCE FREE
Ladies:1,000yen/2Tickets Gentleman:2,000yen/2Tickets

* Food and drink tickets are available for 1,000 each yen (one ticket is equivellant to 1,000yen).
* Entry fee includes access to the entire building.

B1F Music Lounge Feria 1F Brasserie 2F Wine Cave 3F Crystal Lounge 4F Terrace & Bar
Open10:00pm Open 6:00pm Open 6:00pm Open 10:00pm Open 7:00pm

Weekend (Friday / Saturday & Before Holiday)

ENTRANCE FEE; Ladies 2,500yen/2Drink Tickets, Gentleman 3,500yen/2Drink Tickets

* Food and drink tickets are available for 1,000 each yen (one ticket is equivellant to 1,000yen).
* Entry fee includes access to the entire building, with the exception of Midas on the 2nd floor. Entry to Midas is 2,000yen (includes 2 drink tickets).
* No re-entry between 10:00 pm and 5:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays, when entry fee is charged. Entry fee will not be waived for those wanting a quick look inside.

Feria Official Party START 10:00pm
3F Crysral Lounge (Genre/HOUSE) "DJ TIME" START!! (From 10:00pm)

B1F Music Lounge Feria 1F Brasserie 2F Wine Cave 3F Crystal Lounge 4F Terrace & Bar
Open 10:00pm Open 6:00pm Open 6:00pm Open 10:00pm Open 7:00pm

Sunday 4F Terrace & Bar Only (Open 5:00pm Close 4:00am

Ladies & Gentleman ENTRANCE FREE

Midnight Menu - Ticket Food (Fro 11:00pm) - 1F Brasserie / 4F Terrace & Bar Only

1 Ticket / 1 Food or 2 Foods

Dress code
* No casual summer wear (shorts, sandals, jimbei etc). Traditional Japanese sandals (setta, geta, and zori) are permitted when worn with kimono or yukata.

ID Check
* No admittance without valid photo ID. Must be at least 20 years old.

Please check our web site for Event Schedule.
-> Feria's home page

  • B1F Music Lounge Feria
  • With a luxurious New York lounge inspired atmosphere, Feria is the global community's hotspot of choice. Dance to music spun by hot Manhattan DJs, indulge in killer drinks, and enjoy the vibe as the dance floor heats up.
  • 1F Brasserie
  • Brasserie offers the finest in fusion cuisine, with a California flavor and a Tokyo twist. Reasonable prices and a relaxed atmosphere belie the generous portions, quality of the food, and sumptuous surroundings.
  • 2F Wine Cave
  • For a taste of intimacy, the wine cave offers a delightfully private retreat with ambient sounds and a comfortable, antique-filled interior. Sit back, choose from our sommelier's selection of fine wines, and relax in the comfort of the wine cave.
  • 3F Crystal Lounge
  • A fashionable and roomy space, The Crystal Lounge lets you chill in style. Enjoy cocktails, food from the Brasserie, and house music in this VIP style lounge, truly an ideal spot for relaxed socializing.
  • 4F Terrace & Bar
  • Inspired by the exciting international vibe of Roppongi, the Bar features luxurious touches like Italian Renaissance sculptures to create a refined, cosmopolitan atmoshphere. The open-air Terrace, with its beach resort atmosphere, offers a unique nightlife experience.

  • Floor Guide
B1F Music Lounge
Capacity: 150 people (70 if seated)
                VIP Salon 50 people (35 if seated)
Space: 200 square meters

1F Brasserie / 2F Wine Cave
Capacity: 1F 35 people (35 if seated)
               2F 15 people (15 if seated)
Space: 1F 75 square meters
           2F 50 square meters

3F Crystal Lounge
Capacity: 80 people (45 if seated)
Space: 160 square meters

4F Terrace & Bar
Capacity: Capacity: 40 people (20 if seated)
Space: 120 square meters
  • Party System
B1F 1F 2F 3F 4F Entire building
Capacity 200 people
(100 if seated)
VIP Salon
50 people
(35 if seated)
35 people
(35 if seated)
15 people
(15 if seated)
80 people
(45 if seated)
40 people
(20 if seated)
1,000 people
(250 if seated)
Minimum Charge 700,000yen
(70 people)
From 500,000yen
(35 people)
From 350,000yen
(35 people)
From 150,000yen
(15 people)
From 350,000yen
(35 people)
From 250,000yen
(25 people)
From 3Myen
(300 people)

Food Menu(buffet style) Drink Menu(All you can drink)
6,300yen Course 8,400yen Course 10,500yen Course 2,100yen Course 3,150yen Course 4,200yen Course

  • Important Information
* Pay by cash or credit card. The fee will be adjusted immediately after an event to reflect the actual number of attendees.

Cancelation fee:
* For cancelations from 8 to 14 days before a reserved event, a 50% payment will be charged. For cancelations up to 7 days before an event, the full payment will be charged.

* Please notify us at least one week in advace if there are any changes to the number of attendees to your event.
* You will be charged for any damage to the space during your event.
* Attendees to your event are strictly forbidden from entering off-limits areas.
* Attendees to your event may be asked to leave if they become a nuisance to other customers.

Please check our web site for special party plan and wedding plan.

11 Reviews for Feria Tokyo

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2021-04-16)

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2020-11-17)

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2020-02-23)

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2016-05-12)
  • Already I heard here has closed on the end of 2016. There are no nightclub at here. Most staff change there working place to nishiazabu alife which located in Roppongi area.Need to walk around 15 minutes from here.

  • NO dancing !
  • (2012-09-20)
  • Good music so we started dancing with my Japanese and foreigners friends but the waiter told us it was forbidden to dance... indeed it was written above the door of each floor. It was more expensive than what it was on the website. Then our drinks were not as we expected: two beers diluted with water, a white wine with soda instead of a mojito... the only true drinks we had is the cranberry juic... Read More

Haz Man
  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2012-02-09)
  • A fairly classy club slightly cheesy and dependent on the event and crowd on the night you go. Don't bother going before midnight as late too start. Decent drinks and nice dance floor, however many stuck up russian model type women who feel they are too good looking to speak to you. Awesome roof space and over a sophisticated enough dance club whilst still maintaining some friendly fun!

  • Light fun
  • (2011-05-01)
  • Feria is my first pick if I want to have light fun or hang out with small group of friends. Drinks are strong, cool people, nice girls and decent environment. I found the dance floor a bit smaller and the music selection a bit clumsy but all in all its one of the better clubs in tokyo. Its cozy and has a promising feel of a fun night as soon as you enter the club.

  • Ripped off in Feria Tokyo by Wierd looking bartender
  • (2010-04-19)
  • Feria was awesome on a Friday , however i was cheapted by one of the bartenders for a drink. I had three drinks worth 1000 Yen each and the third time after paying him for the third drink i asked him for a Yoshusho ( a receipt) for all my drinks ( 3 in total) He gave me the receipt but asked me to pay again for my third drink which was unfair as i had already paid him for it. He would not budge ev... Read More

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2008-12-17)
  • This was the best night out for me. The atmosphere was excellent, drinks were strong, music was fab, people were gorgeous. Just don't make the mistake of another reviewer, who came on the special Black List invite only party- a private club of mostly Europeans and models. They won't let you in if you aren't on the list.

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2008-11-17)
  • Feria has a bad attitude. The VIP section is larger than the main area, and welcomes only models (mostly eastern european) and friends of the club. Being neither, I was crammed into a small area with full booths and a bar on either side of a packed area that was supposedly a dance floor. The bar was a mix of about 50% foreign, 50% Japanese, with more Japanese women than men. I'd go again, but o... Read More

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2007-08-10)
  • Very popular among foreigners, Grace is a 4 story club that offers quite a lot. Picking out Grace is very easy to do because most of the wall facing the street is entirely greenery. The wall looks as if it is made of grass and shrubs. By paying the cover charge of 3,500 yen (for men, 2,500 for women), you get access to 3 of the 4 floors and 2 drinks. The last floor is VIP only. The biggest and mos... Read More

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