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  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2016-05-12)
  • Already I heard here has closed on the end of 2016.
    There are no nightclub at here.
    Most staff change there working place to nishiazabu alife which located in Roppongi area.Need to walk around 15 minutes from here.
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  • NO dancing !
  • (2012-09-20)
  • Good music so we started dancing with my Japanese and foreigners friends but the waiter told us it was forbidden to dance... indeed it was written above the door of each floor.
    It was more expensive than what it was on the website.
    Then our drinks were not as we expected: two beers diluted with water, a white wine with soda instead of a mojito... the only true drinks we had is the cranberry juice and the mojito in his bottle.
    The music was too loud to hear each other.
    The terrace is small and full just after 11pm and without music.

    So what the f... point ??? Paying so expensive for watching skeletal models looking for a new boss?
    Well, if you like good music and watching people trying to talk above the music, I guess it's Ok.

    But I wonder why not any review noticed this club is not a dancing club but loudly lounge ?
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  • no more dancing
  • (2012-10-03)
  • Police in Tokyo are now enforcing the "no dancing after midnight" law that they usually had never enforced in the past. Seven clubs in Tokyo have been shut down because of this violation. Hence, that is why it is promoted as a lounge instead of a club. I am sure if the law changed they would go back to a club. Other clubs with dancing after midnight run the risk of being shut down by the fucking dumbass police. Yes, dancing is illegal after midnight. Weird, huh?

Haz Man

  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2012-02-09)
  • A fairly classy club slightly cheesy and dependent on the event and crowd on the night you go. Don't bother going before midnight as late too start. Decent drinks and nice dance floor, however many stuck up russian model type women who feel they are too good looking to speak to you. Awesome roof space and over a sophisticated enough dance club whilst still maintaining some friendly fun!
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  • Light fun
  • (2011-05-01)
  • Feria is my first pick if I want to have light fun or hang out with small group of friends. Drinks are strong, cool people, nice girls and decent environment. I found the dance floor a bit smaller and the music selection a bit clumsy but all in all its one of the better clubs in tokyo. Its cozy and has a promising feel of a fun night as soon as you enter the club.
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  • Ripped off in Feria Tokyo by Wierd looking bartender
  • (2010-04-19)
  • Feria was awesome on a Friday , however i was cheapted by one of the bartenders for a drink. I had three drinks worth 1000 Yen each and the third time after paying him for the third drink i asked him for a Yoshusho ( a receipt) for all my drinks ( 3 in total) He gave me the receipt but asked me to pay again for my third drink which was unfair as i had already paid him for it. He would not budge even though i asked my Japanese friend to explain to him. Since i did not want to create a scene i paid him for the third drink again but angry and frustrated. The bartender is a Japanese guy ( looks more Gay ) with a funny wierd hairstyle Longer hair in the front than at the back. So if you see him please stay away and choose another bartender.
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  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2008-12-17)
  • This was the best night out for me. The atmosphere was excellent, drinks were strong, music was fab, people were gorgeous. Just don't make the mistake of another reviewer, who came on the special Black List invite only party- a private club of mostly Europeans and models. They won't let you in if you aren't on the list.
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  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2008-11-17)
  • Feria has a bad attitude. The VIP section is larger than the main area, and welcomes only models (mostly eastern european) and friends of the club. Being neither, I was crammed into a small area with full booths and a bar on either side of a packed area that was supposedly a dance floor.
    The bar was a mix of about 50% foreign, 50% Japanese, with more Japanese women than men. I'd go again, but only if I were allowed into the rest of the bar.

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  • Feria Tokyo
  • (2007-08-10)
  • Very popular among foreigners, Grace is a 4 story club that offers quite a lot. Picking out Grace is very easy to do because most of the wall facing the street is entirely greenery. The wall looks as if it is made of grass and shrubs. By paying the cover charge of 3,500 yen (for men, 2,500 for women), you get access to 3 of the 4 floors and 2 drinks. The last floor is VIP only. The biggest and most popular floor is the basement level and is spacious. There are 2 levels in the lowest floor; one is a balcony area over looking the rest of the club. They played American music down here, and on the second they played hip-hop. The fourth floor is more of a lounge than a club and is not meant for dancing but to sit back and relax. While I was here, I found the prices to be ok, and the menu was also in English which was helpful. I really enjoyed Grace and thought it was one of the better clubs I have been to in Tokyo.
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