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Lounge Bar 911
  • English Speakers on staff!
  • Menu in English available!

Located in the middle of the Roppongi strip, 911 is a bar/club that doesn't charge an entrance fee, making it a great place to stop in briefly for a little excitement. It can get quite packed, so prepare yourself for lots of people trying to dance, hold drinks, and not bump into each other too much.

Categories Dance Clubs / Nightclubs
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address B1F, 3-14-12 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5772-8882
Business Hours 6:00pm-6:00am

5 Reviews for Lounge Bar 911

  • Lounge Bar 911
  • (2019-12-13)

  • Lounge Bar 911
  • (2019-03-16)

  • On the Drink Spiking Venues Blacklist
  • (2010-04-20)
  • Six people I know (five of them guys) have had their drink spiked here at 911, and woken up with about 200,000 yen worth of charges on their credit card for an African strip club which they have never heard of. 911 management, the police and the credit card company does nothing whatsoever. Google "Roppongi drink spiking" to see why I'm avoiding the entire area until the club owners start taking re... Read More

  • Lounge Bar 911
  • (2008-12-12)
  • Packed, but just enough room to dance. Lots of creeps, but I still ended up having a good time. The numbers of men far outweigh the numbers of women. As a woman, it's good for me.

  • Lounge Bar 911
  • (2008-11-17)
  • This place is very much like so many of the other small bar/club spaces in Roppongi that caters to the foreign crowd, except it is a little better decorated than most. When making the Roppongi tour, it is easy to head into the place to check out, so do it. It may be a little more upscale than its neighbors, but it features the same Roppongi people, loud, drunk and having fun.

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