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Categories Dance Clubs / Nightclubs , Bars
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address B1F, 4-1-1 Nishi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5467-1188 
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15 Reviews for Muse

  • Muse
  • (2020-06-01)

  • Muse
  • (2020-05-29)

  • Muse
  • (2011-05-04)
  • Pretty decent club. Seemed to be plenty of girls there and easy to talk to. Had a jacket stolen here though, best to put your stuff in the lockers outside if you'll be dancing. The club itself was pretty large, don't think I actually saw all of it. At least 2 levels, all underground. Music on the main floor was very good in my opinion, easy to dance to.

  • Muse
  • (2010-09-05)
  • This is a typical night club. It becomes very smokey as a lot of people smoke and the ventilation isn't that great. After, 2:30, it becomes a sausage fest as more desperate white guys come in to find a drunk, unsuspecting female to take advantage of. As the previous reviewer stated, the cover charge is 3,000 yen for men which includes 2 free drinks, while the women are admitted for free. Dress cod... Read More

  • Great place
  • (2010-02-14)
  • Muse was my first clubbing experience and it was amazing! Before entering, you must place your coat/heavy outerwear and other belongings in coin lockers outside of the club. There are plenty of them and they cost 200 yen so share them with your friends since they're pretty roomy. Women are free, though I don't know if this price is for weekends only since I went on a Saturday. The cover charge... Read More

  • (2009-12-31)
  • What a bunch of pretentious, rude a-holes! First, be ready to put all your valuables in rickety boxes that who-knows has copies to- gee- sure hope my Canon's still there when I get back! They don't bother monitoring them with video or personally- how much would that cost? Nor do they take any responsibility when your valuables are invariably stolen. I asked politely if I could peek in and check i... Read More

  • Muse
  • (2009-06-18)
  • The place was good looking. There are multiple floors, but the main one is B1F with a large island as a bar and in the back another small bar and the DJ. The decorations are unique. I especially liked the lighting and walls. There are plenty of little concaves and seats and the large island bar is insulated from the music making talking easy for those ofus who want to lounge. The DJ is OK, sometim... Read More

  • Muse
  • (2009-06-18)
  • This is by far the best club I've been to, both Japan or in the United States. There are multiple levels so there's some kind of music for everybody. The ambiance is fun and modern, and the crowd there reflects that--most people are in their twenties and there is a good mix of Japanese and foreigners. I really enjoyed the hip-hop level; the music, though sometimes a bit antiquated, was good, and b... Read More

  • Muse
  • (2009-06-15)
  • Tired of the too tame izakaya and bars closing at 12, Roppongi, specifically Muse is a great change of pace. You walk down the stairs (entrance is free for women) and immediately enter a very sizable room which is mostly taken up with a bar. From this room, there are many smaller rooms each with a different personality. There is a karaoke room (which i doubt gets much, if any use), a room with dar... Read More

  • Muse
  • (2008-11-17)
  • Muse is bigger than you'd think when you first walk in. There is the main room with a big bar and a pool table, a casino table and a few tables. The next room features loud music and dancing and another bar. Downstairs contains another bar, different music and more people dancing. There are also all sorts of nooks and corners in which people find themselves having conversations. Muse is just c... Read More

  • Happy Hunting
  • (2008-11-17)
  • They should call this club "Maze" or at least give you a map on your way in. If it's already getting late in the night and you've had a couple of drinks, this is definitely THE spot. Whether you want to dance, play pool or airhockey, sing karaoke, or relax in a lounge and play some darts, this labyrinthine club will meet your needs. Four different bar areas with just as many different types of ... Read More

  • Baby Mafia run bar
  • (2007-12-14)
  • Went wednesday nite. Had many signs begging you to buy a drink. However ended up having to pay a non indicated Y 1000 cover charge and bar closure at 3am. With desperate pay for girls. Told them I will not return if they want me to pay the cover charge. Will continue going to "Alife", with genuine J girls and drinking to 5am.

  • Muse
  • (2007-12-11)
  • it's a very good place for spending's always busy and a lot of people is great....mix of hip-hop, r&b. U can enjoy your time there!

  • Muse
  • (2007-10-03)
  • Enter the first floor of this Roppongi club and all you see are coin lockers and you might think you are not even in a club at all. But after you pay the 2000 yen entrance fee and get your 2 drink tickets, you walk down a spiral staircase to an island bar in front of you and several dart boards and a pool tab le to your right. On your left, there is a small dance floor with a seating area and ano... Read More

  • Muse
  • (2007-10-03)
  • Muse is cheap and fun. You get two drinks with your 2,000 yen door fee, which is a great deal. Muse is a medium sized club with two bars, friendly bartenders, and decent dance music. The establishment and its Japanese customers welcome foreigners. I went to Muse at about 10 on a Friday night, and it started to fill up at around 11. That atmosphere is pretty chill and friendly. A great place to tak... Read More

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