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  • Salsa Copacabana
  • (2020-12-17)
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  • Salsa Copacabana
  • (2019-04-28)
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  • Awesome nights!
  • (2010-09-08)
  • Me and my boy came down to Roppongi to have some fun and found this gem while wandering the streets. We liked it so much we stopped by on a Friday, Saturday AND Sunday night! The staff and people we met were awesome- a great bunch of guys; the drinks were good and fairly priced; the food was delicious.. and the women and the music.. man this place was nuts! I loved every minute of it! Downsides- there is a cover charge but you do get that free drink, on Saturday the place was PACKED- not much room to dance, and on Sunday it was touch and go there- couple crowds of people came and went but we still had a good time taking the girls that walked in out for a spin on the dance floor and kicking it with the staff in between. If you go, tell the cute Peruvian bar girl there that the Peruvian from Misawa sent ya! haha!
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  • Salsa Copacabana
  • (2008-06-04)
  • Copacabana lacked the atmosphere of the other latin clubs in Roppongi.

    Cafe Latino is still a better choice for me, partly because they mix the music a little more. Copacabana was an endless loop of salsa, merengue and bachata. This is fine if that’s what you want to dance to, but for me, I like more variety (reggeaton, reggea and contemporary merengue for example).

    The room was also surprisingly empty. Somebody told me that there was a salsa congress going on, and all the regulars were gone. This made for spacious dancing, which is hard to come by in Tokyo, but it also meant that at times I was the only person on the floor with my dance partner.

    The ticket (1,500 yen) comes with one drink included, but you get the same deal at the other latin clubs.
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