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Vanity Lounge
  • English Speakers on staff!
  • Menu in English available!

Vanity Lounge combines dining with private karaoke booths in addition to common lounge areas and a nightclub. What else could you ask for?

Categories Dance Clubs / Nightclubs
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address Roi Bldg.13F. 5-5-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5474-0091
Home Page (In Japanese)
Credit Cards Yes

8 Reviews for Vanity Lounge

  • Vanity Lounge
  • (2020-06-05)

  • Vanity Lounge
  • (2019-04-19)

  • Vanity Lounge
  • (2016-05-12)
  • Most of the locale people says that here is the best nightclub in Roppongi area. During the weekend too much people is here but if you want to pick up Japanese girls, I think here is not a bad choice. Highly recommend to visit here before 12AM, men has to follow the long line at least 20-30 minuter just for entry. In case you want to skip the line, by showing below coupon, you will be able to skip... Read More

  • Cover your tattoos...
  • (2012-03-25)
  • I went there for my first time last night, I had a helluva lotta fun. I like that ladies get in free and the music was pretty good and fun to dance to. I liked the gogo dancers they had on stage who interacted with the crowd and had cool outfits. It was crowded as hell but there was a good energy. Only downside of why I didn't give this five stars is that if you any visible tattoos (I have 3/4 sle... Read More

Haz Man
  • Vanity Lounge
  • (2012-02-09)
  • Been to this club a few times, was impressed at first but the initial glam wears off. This place generally has lines if you are a man, so don't go with a group of guys or you will have to wait a while. Decent size and nice view, music dependent on djs and a good dance floor. However can be a bit dull in there at times, lots of women go as it is free entry for them. STAFF ARE ALL DICKHEADS!!!!

  • Its ok
  • (2011-08-18)
  • This is a pretty big space. I went there on a monday night for 'Fancy' event. It was pretty good. Many people. And good Djs that night playing pretty good selection of music. Entrance for women is free EVERYDAY.

  • Avoid
  • (2011-02-03)
  • Sleazy meat market. Went there with friends after dinner to enjoy some nightlife. Only to find that the Japanese waiters aggressively solicit women to join private tables of wealthy but dateless Japanese men. A real night spoiler. If you are going out for a date or with friends avoid! If your looking to pick up in the +30 crowd enjoy!

  • Vanity Lounge
  • (2011-01-13)
  • I went to Vanity Lounge on a Friday and it was free entry for women. The place was pretty full but the crowd was verging on the older side, I'd say mostly thirties. The music was truly abysmal, the DJ did not know what they were doing and continued to play crappy pop songs mixed in with some RnB which I could've got into if the choices had been better. The redeeming qualities of Vanity Lounge is t... Read More

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