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  • Womb
  • (2020-11-14)
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  • Womb
  • (2020-08-15)
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  • Stayed all night, but might have left early
  • (2014-03-06)
  • The sound on the main floor is great and I think this is what sets this club apart from the rest. Well mixed, and perfect for partying.

    The DJs were alright. Seemed hit or missed. Fine to dance to for a while, but got a bit boring after a while. And there's not much else to do at this club if the main floor is a bust.

    Overall, I would go back, but not without a discount at the door.
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  • Horrid
  • (2014-01-11)
  • I went with 3 other friends after checking for good clubs to go in Japan. We turned up at half past midnight on a friday night and left within 10 minutes. Music was horrid, sound wasn't even good and most of the people there just stood chatting or were looking at their phones.

    Was the most boring club I have ever been to and don't understand how this club is ranked 2nd in the world. We agreed this was the worst clubbing experience we have ever had including the ones in Australia where we were from. Hell I enjoyed the clubs at the snow in Hakuba a lot more even if it was a lot more smokey, the people there were there to have a good time and not just standing there staring at their phones. On top of this all, the 3500 yen price tag is just not worth the title of '2nd best in the world', not even within Japan.
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  • Womb
  • (2013-08-27)
  • It's perfect place to experience Tokyo's night life.
    Great sound system and lighting, and You can meet up lots of fun people (Japanese and foreigners)!!
    top DJs in the world play in a main floor, and good local DJs play in other 3 floors on weekend.

    the lounge in the 1st floor is open in weekday aswell.
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  • Had better, but no bad
  • (2011-05-02)
  • Four of us just finished dinner and walked around the corner to Womb. Yes, hush-hush outside... the neighbors are trying to sleep. So the bouncers may come off as rude. But its conscientious ey?

    For some reason is was outrageously cheap compared to what we expected. Only 2,000 yen each!!!! O_O
    It was a Saturday night, but they said because we're in a group we get discounted. Not sure if it was a special event that night or not.

    3 rooms.
    1 small on the 1st floor.
    1 massive on the next one.
    1 on the top floor with the VIP section and view to the bottom big room.

    I was disappointed with the lack of music variety in the other smaller rooms. So it doesn't provide the perception of escape when leaving the main room. Drum & Bass in all three. Was hoping for some nice trance on the top room, something more unique in the first room.

    However, the main room was where it was at.
    Great DJs. Kinda waited for "that song" the one that makes the crowd go wild. But it never came. Though still fun. Drinks were decent. Under 1,000, around 700 for drinks. More for better liquors.
    The bartenders were very generous with their pours.

    -1 star for the lack of "umph" in the other rooms
    -.5 for no climactic beats (come on now, we came ready to go all the way)

    Give it a shot, had a great time.
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  • Womb
  • (2010-08-21)
  • This is a good establishment when it comes to sound quality, also for hosting good talent.

    But there are a two downsides I found here.

    No re-entry. In a place that fills up so quickly with tobacco smoke, it is nice to be able to step outside and get a breath of fresh air. You have an arm band anyway so it should be easy. But no. You are told to repay if you want to leave and come back. Bad.

    The smoking. Smoking works fine in a club like Ageha because there are smoking zones and you can go outdoors as well. But at womb it is confined and is poorly vented.

    Other than that, there are bars that are taken care of and bathrooms seemed plentiful. But this place needs improvements in my opinion.
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  • Not bad
  • (2008-11-17)
  • For everything from private events to headlining DJs from around the world to local talent, this is the place to go. Although it is sometimes so tightly packed that breathing can be a struggle, they do a great job of making it feel like it's underground. If you can last until first train and the club closing, you can become one of the few who get a discount by signing up for the Womb VIP club. Oh, and be prepared to be sshhhhhh'd if you have to wait outside the building to get in. People who live in the neighborhood have complained about the noise of the clubs so much that you'll feel like you're lining up for a school assembly. Drink prices are average, but cover is a bit pricey (around 5,000 yen).
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  • Womb
  • (2008-11-17)
  • This is Tokyo's most famous club. It's a little pricey, but go for the experience. If you stay until the end, they'll let you join their member's club and get discounts for future events. The place has 4 floors, with a main room which holds crowd that come to see top level DJs from around the world. They have an ass-kicking cool full color laser which does some really great effects over the crowd. Womb does get crowded and hot, but dancing under the high powered air conditioners quickly solves the latter problem.

    The entrance is really unassuming and you might miss it if you don't know where you are going. The easiest way is to take the inokashira line one stop on the local to Shinsen station. It's less than 100m from the gates.
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  • Womb
  • (2008-06-17)
  • Womb gives you the choice of either chilling out in the basement lounge or top floor or dancing in the second floor...
    Music is relatively good with nice visuals. Drinks are reasonably priced, most of the people who go there are rather friendly
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  • Womb
  • (2008-01-08)
  • For clubbing in Tokyo it doesn't get better than Womb. DJing at Womb was surreal and one of the highlights of my time in Japan. I will never forget dropping Kemal and Rob's "Possession" and having the club go nuts. Everything was top notch at Womb.

    There is no better place for Drum and Bass than 06S at Womb. I never had a lousy time at 06S. Always quality parties.

    The upper floors are great because you can have a seat, grab a drink and peer through the ceiling to floor windows looking out over the dance floor. The basement lounge space is very nice too when it is open.
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  • Womb☆
  • (2007-11-28)
  • I often go to Womb. Because my friend's work there.
    They have an huge dance floor with 3 story and 1 small bar in basement.
    So many good DJ's come and play there.
    Please check DJ'S in womb's home page before you go.
    I recommend O6S party one weekend a month. This is drum and bass party.
    When I go to the party everytime I meet nice people in there.
    d'n'b people are so friendly and kind and cool and fun.
    If you see me in this party please speak to me! Let's have some fun!
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  • Visiting Soon
  • (2010-09-02)
  • How do I info on O6S parties? I am coming 26-28 Nov 2010 for Reb Bull BC 2010 (I have an extra ticket!). Trying to find best places to party. Email


  • Womb
  • (2007-06-15)
  • You don’t just hear the music, but you really feel the music at this late night dance club. They have several smaller rooms with at least 2 bars, but only one massive dance floor. Like most clubs, they have coin lockers for your bags when you walk in, but after that, it is very hard to think because they really blast the music. The entrance fee is a whopping 5,000 yen and doesn’t even include drink tickets like several other clubs. Womb is an extremely popular club but it is very difficult to try to hear more than 2 words of what someone is saying. You just shut up and dance. Womb really felt like I was at a concert, except without the band. It seemed most people faced the DJ and went off the music. I couldn’t quite understand why Womb is so popular considering that it doesn’t offer anything different than other clubs and is much more expensive than most with none of the benefits. I was not overly impressed and would not go back to pay the staggering entrance fee to just dance, I can do that at all the other clubs and still get two drinks for half the price.
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  • Womb
  • (2007-06-15)
  • Womb opens up to a small, uninspiring lounge on the first floor: the real action is upstairs, where you enter an enormous dance floor with 3 story high ceilings and a giant disco ball that shines down like a benign mother-ship ,descending to pick up its cheering, gyrating children. The light show is impressive, the DJs decent. Actually, they're pretty good. The sound system is quite powerful and sharp as well. If only there were more dancers and fewer single males (white and asian) gyrating confusedly in place, each in his own square meter, half moshing when the DJ transitioned to a new beat (mostly house).
    I'll try upstairs, thank you very much. The next to floors are balconies overlooking the main floor, stuffed with bars, VIP rooms, and mini dance floors. Nice enough, people not unfriendly.
    I guess it depends what you want. Chatting with friends over the music and engaging in sporadic fits of dancing was enjoyable.
    Drinks at the bars start at 600 yen, which seems fair, but you have to pay for water, which really gets me.
    Womb is fun because its so big, and you can also travel to a different floor or section when you get bored. However, it's a little impersonal if you want to meet people and don't plan on going with a tight group of friends. I'd go elsewhere for a truly born-again experience.
    Oh, and they check for IDs. You have to be over 20.
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