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Seventh Heaven Gentlemen's Clubs / Roppongi

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  • Seventh Heaven
  • (2017-06-10)
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  • (2013-09-26)
  • Excellent club. Great night out,again another good time.Congrats to the people who run this place, they are giving us just what we want.
    My clients are happy with me and in my world thats all that counts!
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  • Seventh Heaven
  • (2013-09-09)
  • The system is very different compared to the strip clubs in US. We decided to visit this club after finding out that it is the most popular one in Roppongi. A tall, gorgeous Turkish girl with pretty good English skills approached me in the bar and then I ended up sitting with her. You need to constantly buy the girls a drink as long as you are sitting with them. They also do not take off their tops during pole dance and their pole dancing skills are not that amazing. The lap dancing, on the other hand was really cool and sexy, you can touch and even kiss the dancer. My girl was really hot, creative (hell yeah!) and sweet in the private room, it was worth the small fortune I spent there after all.
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  • Good Friendly Club.
  • (2013-07-08)
  • We go to this club quite often.
    The Happy Hour is great, we eat and drink all we want for 2 hours starting at 7pm.
    The pole dancing show continues on non-stop all night with new girls on stage every song or two.
    I have tried all the clubs in Roppongi and this one is the best by far. There are a lot of good looking local and international girls there. The staff are polite and friendly and the management are profesional. We don't have to worry about our bill, the manager comes over from time to time to give us an update.
    Highly reccomend this place.
    Take your friends and try the happy hour.
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  • Fantastic, Highly Recomended.
  • (2013-07-04)
  • We went to this club a couple of times and had a great time.
    The Japanese dancers were good looking and a few spoke english also which was a great help.
    There was many other exotic girls from Brazil and Europe.
    They had a couple special shows happening on the stage. Our friend was getting married and they put on a free stage show for him, it was fantastic and we all had a good laugh. Two dancers took him to the stage and striped and whipped him.
    Manager said they do the same for birthdays and also give a free cake.
    Recomend Seventh Heaven anytime.
    The price was good for what we got.
    Had our moneys worth.
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  • Seventh Heaven
  • (2013-04-01)
  • We had a great time here.
    Once for a bucks night and again with just two of us.
    Both nights were great nights out.
    The staff informed us about our bills and made us feel comfortable.
    The ladies were hot and from all over the world.
    have been to others but this was the best by far.
    Great nights out!
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  • Very good.
  • (2013-03-21)
  • Best club in Roppongi by far.
    Nice girls and a safe place.
    Plesent night out, lots of fun.
    Staff were very polite.
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  • Avoid!!
  • (2013-01-30)
  • Made the stupid mistake to enter this place with a friend while already quite drunk, and found myself later on with about JPY70,000 card bills, a suspiciouly emptied wallet (not quite sure it was all "voluntary" tipping) and the lingering impression of having been drugged to get my resistance/awareness levels even lower. Also the girls are not that great, can't even remember getting a proper lapdance, just lot of talks about spending more time in the booth, giving tips, ordering champagne etc... Ladies, we know you are in this just for the money, but make it a bit less obvious and a bit more honest, please!
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  • Not like strip clubs in the US!
  • (2012-08-13)
  • Strippers,? yes, but dancers... no. These girls showcased no skill with actual pole dance what so ever. There are some beautiful ones but most are old Russians. I had too many private dances with a gorgeous Estonian which left me bankrupt. Unlike the US you are allowed to touch, it was more like soft prostitution than a dance from a stripper. The dances got hotter and hotter, I got to kiss and suck on her breasts and all over her body, she guided my hand over her crotch and let me stroke her. It was the best "private dance" I've ever had, but be warned it'll cost a bomb and it's almost impossible to say no.
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  • Incredible lapdances, stage dances leave a little to be desired
  • (2011-11-01)
  • These are the shyest strippers I've ever seen, at least while they are on stage. With only one song before the next girl comes up, sometimes the girls barely start to take their clothes off before the switch. And they don't ever really discard their tops, they leave them on and just pull them down under their breasts or unhook them briefly, just to give a glimpse and then cover back up again. Most of the girls do not make much use of the pole or the floor. They are, however, all pretty gorgeous.
    During the lapdances it is a different story (7,000 yen, not 3,000 which they tell you when you arrive; that is the price of a table dance, whatever that is). This babe didn't hesitate to grab my hands and move them up onto her breasts, indicating to me that it was perfectly acceptable for me to fondle them during the dance. She also made use of her mouth, kissing my neck, nibbling my ear, kissing me on the lips ... she even gave me a little tongue. As I let it go for three songs (expensive but I couldn't resist) I got more and more daring. As she moved her breasts over my face and lips, I kissed them. Since she didnt mind the slight tongue kissing, I ventured to give her nipple a little suck, and she didnt mind either. I kissed her back and belly button, too. As it was going so well, I asked, accompanied by a slight tug of the finger, if she could pull down her panties a bit. This is where she got a little shy again, at first. But she did pull it down slightly, and a got a few glimpses of her beautiful vagina, albeit in the dimly lit lap dance room. That^s when she started calling me playboy, laughing and saying I was bad, so i went with it, kissing her breasts all the more, moving in for more kisses on the mouth, etc. She liked it though, and at the end, as I moved to tip her 1000 yen in her bikini strap, she motioned for me to put it in the center, and I got to brush my fingers against her mound of Venus.
    When I left, she gave me a big hug and gave me her phone number. Very tempting, but I dont think I can afford it again.
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  • Seventh Heaven
  • (2008-11-17)
  • The girls here are beautiful, and with only a little coaxing from them, you'll find yourself spending much more than you planned. Be careful, almost all of the gentlemen's clubs in Roppongi will charge you more than you expected for various services. Make sure you've got everything settled before you sit down.
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