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An elegant hostess club in the heart of the glamorous Ginza district. The hostesses come from around the world, giving it a global touch.

Categories Hostess Clubs
Nearest Station Ginza
Address Sowaredo Ginza Bldg. B1F, 6-6-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3569-2167
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours Mon-Sat 7:00pm-1:00am
  • Introduction

  • System

  • Jobs

  • The elegance of Ginza for more than 10years
  • Japan's most exclusive social life takes place in the elegant district of Ginza. Of course there's Roppongi, Shibuya or Shinjuku, but none of them compare to the glamour and prestige of Ginza. All of Japan's top executives socialize in our neighborhood.

    G1 is Ginza's top foreign club, in business for more than 10years. We have years of experience and a solid reputation behind us.

  • VIP clientele
  • Our clients come from the most prestigious avenues of life, such as politicians, TV personalities, sports players, etc.

  • A warm welcome
  • Top executives at large Japanese companies entertain their clients at prestigious and sophisticated places like ours, G1. We offer your clients a warm welcome and a pleasurable evening.

  • Reasonable prices
  • The image most people hold of hostess clubs in Ginza is that they are very expensive. In contrast, we strive to offer excellent service at reasonable prices.

  • Please enjoy as many drinks as you would like form our selection of Chivas Regal 12 years, Hennessy VSOP (Privilege), IW Harbor 12 years, TOMATIN 12 years, Old Bar and a variety of shochu.

Basic charge 90 minutes 9,000 yen
Extension charge 30 minutes 3,000 yen

Request charge
  • Requests are optional. If you choose not to request someone, your hostess will change periodically and the next girl in line will sit accompany you. If you find somebody you would like to spend extra time with, there are two systems:
-Main request (3,000 yen)
  • The hostess will make every effort to stay with you as long as possible.
-Sub-request (2,000 yen)
  • The hostess of your choice will sit with you, but if somebody puts a main request for her, she will have to go.

  • Beer, cocktails, fresh juice, etc.
1,000 yen
  • Oolong tea, Coke, etc.
500 yen
  • We can arrange for wine or champagne service. Please inquire about the details.
    * Girls' drinks cost the same.

Service charge
A 20% service charge applies.

  • Hostesses wanted. All nationalities welcome!
  • Beginners welcome. We offer a "trial system," and you can choose to be paid on a daily or weekly basis. Apartment and transportation included.

    Salary: 4,000-12,000 yen per hour
    Commission: in proportion to your sales (50-55%)

    Call mama Delia at 03-3569-2167 for more details.

21 Reviews for G-1 International Club

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Discount Coupons in Ginza

G-1 International Club
Special Introductory Discount: ALL Include / 1 hour for 12,000yen
Includes: unlimited house whiskey, house brandy, house shochu, beer and wine; companion's drinks; all taxes and service charge.
Printout not needed, just say "I saw you on Sunnypages".
---Make a reservation for a course meal for eight or more and the host eats for free!---

*Please bring a printed copy of this coupon
*This coupon cannot be brought to our attention after your bill has been delivered
*This coupon cannot be used during lunch service
*This coupon cannot be combined with other promotions or special services
*This coupon cannot be used on Fridays or on days preceding holidays.

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