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Imahan 今半 Steak / Nihombashi

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  • Imahan
  • (2010-12-12)
  • I visited the Imahan location at Asakusa in December and found it to be very enjoyable. We decided to order sukiyaki as one of the members of our dinner party hadn't tried it before. The staff was very friendly and demonstrated the method of cooking the food for us by preparing the first few items. The quality of the beef was excellent, and the meat was accompanied by a variety of vegetables that complemented the meal. The meals are a bit pricy as dinner cost each person around USD $80, excluding tax and drinks. Overall I really enjoyed the experience.
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  • Sensational
  • (2010-11-21)
  • This was certainly a treat. My family was in town and my Dad wanted one special meal, a night to remember. Special indeed! A friend had taken him to Imahan back when he did business in Japan and so my Dad took us this beef heaven. We all ordered one of the many sets. It came with three dishes before the steak and also a dessert. The courses felt endless and it was one of the most delicious meals I've had in my life. We started with sashimi, then an assortment of beautifully cooked vegetables then came the meat. The meat oh my how can one even begin to describe something so succulent and delicious. It was heaven in my mouth and my taste buds were having a party. Everything was made in front of us, it's always exciting to see the skill and precision of a cook; he certainly was a master. The ice cream was the perfect way to end the meal, there were several options, chocolate, green tea and pear. The pear sorbet was light and refreshing. After the meal I felt if I had died and gone to heaven, it was a fantastic way to spend the evening and I shall cherish the meal always.
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