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Cardenas Chinois American / Ebisu

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  • Cardenas Chinois
  • (2009-04-30)
  • Went for lunch. First to arrive at 11:30, by noon it was packed. Had obento sen yen special (see attached photo) No NonSmoking area, so be prepared....
    would like to try their dinners. About 3 outdoor enclosed patio tables too...
    wanted to see the pasta sets, but everyone around us ordered the obentos!
    Read they have an all you can drink wine, fixed dinner menu.
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  • Cardenas Chinois
  • (2008-11-22)
  • This california restaurant has only one set menu for dinner. It includes salad, appetizer, entree and dessert, all of which have two or three selections, such as fish or meat. Most importantly, the set menu is priced at just 4,300 yen, including free wine drink! No matter how many glasses of wine you order, it costs at 4,300 yen with tasty dishes.

    It is a bit away from both Ebisu and Hiroo station but a worth visiting.
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