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Outback: Roppongi American / Roppongi

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  • Ya get what you go in for.
  • (2009-05-02)
  • Outside of not having to tip, a slight decrease in options, and a slight increase in price, Outback Steakhouse is just as it is in America. The dining tables are set up in the same open air manner, and you get the complimentary bread and butter (refillable as requested). They also employ several people with at least basic English, but with restaurant experience, anyone can get by.

    The lowest price steak is 2630 yen or so. Nothing gets below 2000 yen for lamb chops, diced steak, or what have you, and the other steak options are 3000 up. Pastas are 1450-1700, Burgers are at their highest 1350 (bacon and cheese or chili cheese, 1300 for grilled onion and cheese, forgot that last op); salads are avg. 1500, but i hear the portions are sizable.

    My favorite part are the appetizers. There is the infamous bloomin' onion, but also the spinach cheese dip (i really wonder why they don't include artichoke) plus they like to add new menu items.

    the weird thing about this place, i thought, was the location. kinda tucked a bit past the old Almond building, but if you're wandering around early dinnertime, you can probably score a 1000 yen off of 2000 or more coupon easy.
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  • Outback: Roppongi
  • (2008-11-17)
  • Outback says they are famous for their steaks, but in Japan, their best meals are not the steaks, which have been known to be tough. Their chicken plates, rib plates and prime rib dishes are excellent and if you are craving a big meal with nearly too much food Outback Steak House is a good place to go. With appetizers and beer, things can get a little pricey (comparatively speaking.) They also have a location in Shibuya.
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  • Outback
  • (2008-07-19)
  • I think that more than the food, the atmosphere of Outback is why a weary American may want to go there for a dinner or a drink. It feels strikingly similar to the Outbacks in America and the food is all more or less the same. The staff is ll really friendly and most understood English pretty well. They also brought over an English menu which is nice for people who can't read Japanese.
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  • Outback: Roppongi
  • (2008-03-31)
  • Of all the chain restaurants in Asia, Outback is fairly consistent in their quality throughout. You don`t exactly rave about it in the states, but when you`re in a far off land and fine an oasis of familiarity, you go with it. Decent to good steaks (depending on the day) especially when Lawry`s down the street will cost you your left manhood for a comparable steak.

    Same cheesy decor abounds in all it`s glory. Love live the onion bloom!
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  • Outback: Roppongi
  • (2007-06-29)
  • No rules, Just right! This Outback Steakhouse brings back the memories of home and taste and feels just the same. The restaurant looks like any other Outback in America and the food was just as good. All the waiters spoke English and there are English menus available. As soon as I walked in I felt right at home. We were seated at a booth and had a beautiful waitress serve us. The bread, like always, was delicious and the service was very good. We ordered a bloomin’ onion and calamari for the table. The only thing I was surprised about was the size of the bloomin’ onion; it was smaller than the ones in America. However, size aside, it was still the same great taste. I ordered the Outback special and it arrived in front of me hot and very tempting. The aroma of a good steak filled me up and tantalized my senses. I dug in and was delighted by the taste explosion of steak and A1 in my mouth. Outback is the perfect place to go if you are missing a little bit of home cooking and want to stuff your stomach to the point of explosion. A significant number of customers are foreigners so it is very easy to strike up a conversation with someone. I highly recommend a trip to Outback for anyone craving steak or other great food.
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  • Not Just Like Home
  • (2009-07-26)
  • I love Outbacks Food but they are just like the rest of the American restaurants in Japan, they don't hire foreigners even if they can speak Japanese fluently. The only American fast food restaurant I have seen hire foreigners in Japan is McDonald's. The one on the main strip in Roppongi has a guy there from the Middle east or India who speaks Japanese. Outside of that I would like to find another American fast food place that hires foreigners. If you know of any please let me know as I will bring my business there to support there open-mindedness.
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