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  • Suji's
  • (2019-04-07)
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  • Comforting Comfort Food
  • (2012-08-20)
  • Who: Myself, Gentleman, & 10 year old boy
    When: Sunday Brunch
    Wear: Casual
    Why: I wanted Brunch: Plain & Simple

    I don't know where those last few reviewers were eating because I was just there and the food and service were terrific. The last "New York Brunch" I ate was at Bubby's in Tokyo and it was really over the top and a little too trendy for me. If I am doing brunch, I'm either in church clothes with my parents, or I'm recovering from something. This weekend found me still in the throes of bad jet lag so Sunday morning I felt like I wanted some comfort food.

    We got there around noon and there was no wait.I ordered the North Pacific Benedict and the boy ordered fish and chips. My only gripe is the dishes didn't all come out together, but I have found this to be the case with other Japanese restaurants so I am inclined to think this is a cultural thing. They just bring out food as soon as it's ready and expect you to dig in. Ironically, my eggs benedict and the other eggs benedict came out about 5 minutes before the fish and chips, but I'm a sucker for setting an example so I waited for my son to be served. The food was hearty, and huge in portion. I'm a little embarassed to admit we cleared our plates like the good gaijin. No shame people. Just shovel. I'm not going to say this is a Michelin experience, but if you are looking for a good breakfast in a cozy environment I'd definitely try Suji's. I know I'll be back to try some other dishes.

    PS: I don't remember being alarmed at the prices, but then again, I didn't pick up the bill. I passed a sign for their lunch set and it was advertised as 1000 yen for 3 courses, so nothing crazy there. I think the plates came out to 1500-1800 yen a plate. I wanted to order more, but thank goodness someone stopped me.
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tokyo lady

  • Suji's
  • (2010-10-19)
  • Overpriced for what is on offer. A $25.00 hamburger that is mediocre in not my idea of a good place to eat. Especially when I can cook much better tasting food at home. Perhaps it is surviving because it is frequented by non-Japanese who do not cook and crave some home-style meals? Whatever the case, it is a crime what they charge here.
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  • Not exactly New York essence
  • (2009-06-19)
  • The prices are a bit harsh, and not suggested for the budget-minded. Even during lunchtime, it's a little painful to look at the prices. I got a Dr.Pepper and it was 600 yen. And it was pretty much just a chilled can, so yeah, it's a bit pricey.

    Unfortunately, I did not appreciate their burger as much as I should have. It was large verging on massive for those of you that like that, but it was also dry. (VERY dry).Not a plus. I didn't think they had ketchup since none came with the fries, but the owner was very kind as to notice my plight and bring some out (the nice glass bottle kind) If eating there, I would suggest the steak or tostada salad instead, but the steak is superbly expensive, and the small one is about 5.5 inches wide and cost.. 2100? Well, the site has the menu online, so you can check for sure.

    Some of the staff are able to speak English.
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  • Suji's
  • (2008-02-20)
  • Suji's is an unwelcoming New York-style establishment in the Roppongi area that offers authentic homemade American cuisine in a standard, open air setting. The outdoor terraces on the 1/F and 2/F are extremely popular when the weather is conducive to sitting outside, and kids are free to roam around the restaurant given The American Club is so close bringing families here.

    On our recent visit during lunchtime on a work weekday, having seen a full house, we wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Water service took about 30 minutes, even though the bar was just steps away. It took another 15 minutes to get ice for the water. I ended up just getting up and walking over to Suji herself to pick up the glasses of ice.

    Lunch was finally delivered after about 50 minutes from the time we were seated. Food is boring here. Chicken Parmigiano sandwich (1,500yen) was cold to the touch. My Jason's Burger Deluxe (1,800yen) was severely undercooked. And the other colleague got a BLT sandwich (1,500yen) that was drowning in mayo.

    Wrote a letter to Q (the general manager) and he invited us back to give it another try. No enticements were offered. Never went back.
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