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Hainan Chi-fan : Akasaka Sacas Asian Fusion / Akasaka

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  • Hainan Chi-fan : Akasaka Sacas
  • (2008-09-04)
  • I love Hainanese chicken, and Singaporeans surely love this dish! There’s something about the simplicity of flavors that makes this one of Southeast Asia’s ultimate comfort foods.

    The version at Hainan Chi-Fan was not the best I’ve had, but it passed the test (1,300 yen at lunch time). The chicken was moist, the rice provided sustenance and the dipping sauces with the veggies offered nice contrasts in flavors.

    The atmosphere at the restaurant is a different deal. I don’t know what weird space they are tucked in, but the layout is weird, and wouldn’t recommend this place for anything else than getting your fill of Chicken Rice.
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