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Boulangerie Patisserie Viron: Shibuya ブーランジェリー・パティスリー・ヴィロン Bakery / Shibuya

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  • Boulangerie Patisserie Viron: Shibuya
  • (2009-08-13)
  • There’s no question that the level of baking is high at Viron, but it’s overpriced. Bread goes from being a staple to an object of fashion and admiration, and is priced accordingly.

    Over the course of a few visits, I have tried their croissants, tarts, breads and also sat at the cafe upstairs. Every time I have been satisfied with the level of baking. A puff pastry tart with an almond filling was rich and buttery; the smell of yeast and butter in the croissant was intoxicating; the poolish bread was a solid piece of white bread, while the raspberry-chocolate croissant was simply decadent. But every time I was blown away by the quality, a nagging thought in the back of my head reminded me that I had overpaid for my pleasure.

    There are other bakeries in Tokyo, such as Maison Kayser, that deliver comparable quality for slightly cheaper prices. If you don’t care whether the flour came from France, then one of those places might be better for you. But if you’re after a bakery that turns baked goods into objects of desire, then Viron is where you want to be.
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