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Hirota Bakery / Ikebukuro

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  • Hirota
  • (2008-06-19)
  • 33. Hirota is a small kiosk in Ikebukuro Station selling cream puffs. While I admit, I am partial to Mon Petit Chou’s petit choux, Hirota does have some pretty compelling ice cream filled puffs. Single servings are only 100 yen a piece and come in flavors like peach (very tasty and authentic), coffee, vanilla, chocolate, macha, and strawberry. Despite the serving temperature (frozen, of course), the outside of the ice cream puff was flaky and entirely untroubled with freezer burn. In contrast, the frozen filling was sold and creamy. As for all of you traditional cream puff lovers, Hirota can also satisfy your needs with more liquid fillings such as macha, banana, and chocolate.
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