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Junoesque Bagel Shop :Yokohama Bakery / Yokohama

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  • Junoesque Bagel Shop :Yokohama
  • (2021-02-26)
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  • Bagels on the Go
  • (2008-04-18)
  • A small open shop within the station, this is a great place to try a variety of Japanese bagels. Fruit flavors, chocolatey bagels, and savory ones like soy and wasabi, etc. The shop also features a variety of cream cheese, mostly in fruit flavors, and a flavor of the month?April is cheesecake (it really tastes like cheesecake!). You can take bagels (right side of register) and containers of cream cheese (left side) to go or pre-filled, prepackaged bagels (also left side). The prepackaged variety include sandwich-style options with vegetables, meats, and fish along with the usual bagel with cream cheese in combinations like a double chocolate chip bagel with cheesecake-flavored cream cheese (very good, by the way). Inexpensive, filling, quick, and tasty. Definitely great for food on the run or a snack for later.
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