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Kobeya Kitchen Restaurant 神戸屋キッチン 浜田山店 Bakery / Koenji

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  • Kobeya Kitchen Restaurant
  • (2009-01-31)
  • Average price 1500 yen... not including a set, just the item.

    The price range is around Royal Host or Olive Garden status, for the food. Easily comparable to Fujiya restaurants (Desserts and cafe items are normal price range (550 for a parfait, drinks 500).

    Not that going into the shop is much better; the prices are pretty much equal to Andersen Bakery. They even had the same almond pastry item for the same price 220. Sandwiches are 400 to 500, actually, but the appearance is different than the normal half slices.

    oh rite; they have a salad bar for 780 in the restaurant, and as implied, seconds and more are allowed. And it's not just salad, there's also bread (albeit not as much). The contents of the salad bar are seasonal, so the fruit, pasta, grains, and vegetables might change (i mostly imagine they're talking about the fruit). They ask politely that you share modestly or not at all on the menu... at least that's what i think it says; can't read kanji all too well.

    Oh, last note, I went during dinner, and I assume the lunch deals are much more satisfactory price-wise.
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