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Pan Doll パンドール Bakery / Jiyugaoka

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Pan Doll
  • English Speakers on staff!
  • Menu with Pictures available!

Freshly baked bread and homemade sandwiches since 1984.

Categories Bakery , Japanese Sweets & Cafes
Nearest Station Ontakesan
Address 31-16 Kitaminecho, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3726-6087
Business Hours 9:00am to 9:00pm, closed Sundays

1 Review for Pan Doll

  • Classic
  • (2008-11-01)
  • PanDoll is exactly what'd you think a Japanese bakery should look, smell, and most importantly, taste like. The place isn't big: shelves line the wall, stacked with trays of freshly baked pastries and savory items, all bread-like (like tarts, pies, loaves, crossaints, pizza, pizza twists (baguette-like, pound cake, toasted bread, pigs in a blanket (kinda), hot dog, yakisoba bread, cake, sandwiches... Read More
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