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Saintmarc Cafe チョコクロ東京原宿店 Bakery / Harajuku

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A Cafe known for its "choco croissants", small flakey croissants filled with chocolate. They taste best straight from the oven, so pass on the take-out croissants and eat them in-store.

Categories Bakery , Cafes , Desserts
Nearest Station Harajuku
Address 1-14-24 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
Telephone 03-5775-0309
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 8:00am-10:00pm
Price Lunch: 0-999yen Dinner: 0-999yen
Occasion Good for Family, Solo

1 Review for Saintmarc Cafe

  • Saintmarc Cafe
  • (2009-01-31)
  • their "morning" set is quite the deal, i think. for under 500 yen, get a drink and a dessert. I can't remember precisely, but I have a slight recollection of getting the set during a normal lunch hour. The setup is rather nice, with the chefs cooking and clearly visible, with the chococros surrounding that area. On the outskirts are the rest of the items: the ham and cheese, hot dog, sandwiches, ... Read More
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